Luis Gabelo Rabbit, the goalkeeper of the mythical ‘Mechanical Cheese’

Luis Gabelo Rabbit, the goalkeeper of the mythical ‘Mechanical Cheese’
Luis Gabelo Rabbit, the doorman of Clockwork Cheese. PHOTO: Aúpa Alba / Facebook Luis Gabelo Conejo

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The goal of the Carlos Belmonte Y Costa Rica have always had a special connection, largely man-started: Luis Gabelo Rabbit, in charge of defending the goal of that fantastic team nicknamed as the Mechanical cheese.

Albacete fans will never forget the best stage of the La Mancha club, from which Rabbit actively participated, becoming an icon of the Albacete.

No problem, we have rabbit!”, those throats screamed, aware that with the Costa Rican under sticks, everything was safe.

His arrival at Alba was unexpected

In 1990, Costa Rica surprise everyone by playing a huge role in his first participation in a Copa of the world, which it took place in Italy. The ticos, Against all odds, were planted in the round of 16 thanks to superb performances by Luis Gabelo, who could not play said tie against Czechia due to injury and had to watch from the outside how his team fell.

However, that world cup served Rabbit to capture the center of various looks from European clubs. Even though, inexplicably to many, was the Albacete of Benito Floro who got their services.

It's more, Own Rabbit later admitted in an interview that his arrival in La Mancha was a bit of deception: "I was tricked by an agent. He told me it was a First team, and it was actually from Second B that had just been promoted to Second. I had offers to go to Espanyol, Las Palmas, Valladolid or Logroñés, and I ended up in Albacete. But in the end we had a great season, we were promoted to First and then I spent two unforgettable seasons ".

With the Albacete shirt Luis Gabelo Conejo signed his best time

In summer 1990, the Albacete, you just amounted to Second division, confirmed the signing of Luis Gabelo Rabbit, who joined an extraordinary staff commanded by a young Benito Floro from the bench.

That Alba, known shortly after as the 'Mechanical Cheese' managed to make the leap that course to First division.

In its premiere for the first time in the highest category of Spanish football, the La Mancha painting broke all the schemes. He went undefeated for 15 matches, stood up to that mythical Barça of Cruyff and finished the season as seventh classified just one point from entering positions UEFA.

Definitely, Rabbit and company were the great protagonists of a year to remember. Total, Luis Gabelo visited the elastic La Mancha from 1991 a 1994, disputing 81 meetings: 36 in Second Division and 45 first.

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