Cholo Dindurra and the first hot showers in El Molinon

Cholo Dindurra and the first hot showers in El Molinon
Cholo Dindurra (second starting from the left) in his time at Real Oviedo with Antón, Chas, Herrerita and Emilín.

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We live in a very different world to that of a few years ago. Nowadays, we have a host of technological means, mobile phones with internet connection with which we can access all the information in real time, do the shopping without leaving home, or even sports betting or playing Spanish slots money real.

But nevertheless, not many years ago society was very different and football too. That is why the story we tell today calls even more attention since, without fear of contradiction, the protagonist of it was ahead of his time as discussed below.

Each club has a natural tendency to spoil their figures, care of small details that make them feel as such. Sporting season 1944-45, of the first ascent to the top flight of Spanish football, figure was indisputable Cholo Dindurra, Asturias inner end and, who played twelve seasons with Atletico between 1939 Y 1953, In addition to dispute a half--in that period- at Real Oviedo and half season with Real Madrid. After finishing his term at the club gijonés, He played two years at Real Avilés, Second Division, retiring from active practice of professional football at the end of the course 1954-55.

Cholo Dindurra was a character, In the broadest sense of the word. He started playing football at school Inmaculada de Gijon, making as goalkeeper, position in which he also played for the team of San Viator school Infiesto, where he studied in his internship. There he had as teammates three others are players who would become professional: Amadeo Meana (with whom he played for Sporting), and brothers and Pepito Chus Alonso (with those who come to play for Real Madrid). After passing through the collegiate team Infiesto, he joined Team Green Arrows gijonés, leaving the goal to become rightmost, then he went through other clubs in the Asturian coastal town, as the Bay of Biscay and Youth, until, in 1939, at the end of the Civil War he joined Real Sporting Gijon.

From the first moment I played an important role, He appropriated the right and excited the fans with their football sportinguistas fast, its overflow and measured centers. But Cholo Dindurra He also drew attention for his way of "unusual" life for the time. Married and separated, He was not allowed legally, He remade his life living with his second pair, Elvira, until his death, to the scandal of the traditional sector of citizenship gijonesa.

THE LUXURIES’ Cholo Dindurra

It was the first footballer to have car Sporting, a luxury car that contrasted with the bikes they used to go training (when they did not walk or tram) the other players, even if it was one of the youngest, as Medina and Rionda, bike sharing approaching train. He was nicknamed as "dandy" for his penchant for luxury, a good living and, especially, the good costumes. Sporting their hierarchy was such that, at parties celebrating the first ascent to the top flight, in the season 1943-44 he was the only player who had reserved space in the open-top bus that ran the city. Ahead, Of course, as you can see in the photos of the celebrations of the moment.

It was also the first to receive the commemorative medal to celebrate the acts cited the rise, organized the 16 April 1944 by Peña Deportiva sportinguista Bar Imperial in the Hall Japanese, which together with the Arrieta ballrooms were fashionable in Gijón of the time. Passing through the Real Madrid It was brief and was motivated by studies. Cholo Dindurra He ended the Agronomic Engineering in Madrid, taking advantage of the former player of Sporting and Oviedo, and first Spaniard International, Manolo Meana was general manager of the Ciudad Deportiva of Real Madrid (and the project promoter of that city with the own Santiago Bernabeu, thanks to the friendship the two had forged when the former Real Madrid played at the Stadium Ovetense, around the year 1921), It was signed, at the request of the Asturian- for whites, but a serious injury prevented him from succeeding in the club merengue. It was only one and a half.

Following injury, Real Madrid gave permission set to recover in Gijon, cediéndolo the rojiblancos during post-season average recovery. He is passing through one of the greats of Spanish football, It increased his cache on a Sporting without too many players who have played in the national football elite.

A) Yes, not surprising that Cholo Dindurra was the real star of the Sporting of the first ascent. after achieving, the club hired a young man of only fourteen, Joaquín Tuya, who was the nephew of Butler El Molinon, Corsino Tuya, with a single mission: heat water for the shower was sufficiently heated Cholo. The operation was simple, under the northern tier of the stadium fund it heated a can, a burning timber, and that water was deposited in a kind of shower under the large figure gijonesa showered, at a time when only the most important clubs in the First Division enjoyed hot water. That was the only task at the young Joaquín, a neighbor of the neighborhood of the guide became all an institution in the Sporting. Following the retirement of his uncle Corsino, and Antonio ROIBAS being president of the club, "He inherited" his post until his retirement Butler, after fifty years service Sporting. Joaquin Tuya and replaced the saga of the Case, He took his place, First, Andrés "the roxu" case and later his son Alejo, both beloved and longed for the red and white fans. Today, a son of Alejo, Paul Case, utillero employment ranks at the club, perpetuating family ties with the representative team of the city of Gijon.

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