Lift-Barcelona, Copa del Rey season 2003-2004

Lift-Barcelona, Copa del Rey season 2003-2004
Ultras typhus Levante at the bottom of Orriols in the Levante-Barça Cup played in 2004.

The Lift-Barcelona played at the Valencia the 8 of January of 2004 meant a before and after in the history of the club dean of Valencia.

By then, the Levante It had little to do with what is today. to get started, the club was looking for the coveted promotion to First division after 40 years without military in the top flight, something that would achieve the end of that campaign 2003-2004.

While, the draw Copa del Rey It was capricious and threw up a real bombshell for fans granota. The FC Barcelona visit Orriols Stadium in what would be a prelude to what to expect tier Ciutat de Valencia the following years. That team led by the beloved and sadly deceased Manolo Preciado He prepared the match with a team with many alternates as, as we said, the goal was none other than the rise.

Barca Rijkaard CRISIS

Meanwhile, the Barça who was then heading Frank Rijkaard, Valencia reached plunged into a serious crisis of results. A bump with a team of like Second Levante It could lead to the dismissal of Dutch coach.

The meeting was hailed as a real feast. The bleachers were filled stadium granota finally really. According to official data Club gathered 28.196 vibrated and spectators who enjoyed pretty.

Locals formed with Aizpuru, Discharge, Olías, Jesule, Lekunberri (Alexis, m.71), Ettien, Sandro, Rivera, Manolo (Jofre, m.65), Cuellar (Carpenter, m.65) and Aganzo.

Culé set by played: Valdes, Traveler, Márquez, Pujol, Van Bronckhorst, Xavi, Iniesta, deceived husband, Luis García (Lent, m.63), Ronaldinho and Saviola (Sergio Garcia, m.81).

Seeing the lineups of both teams already seen visitors came away with a team full of headlines because as they say: the oven was not for buns.

But nevertheless, the Levante surprised with a goal of penalty which Alberto Rivera in the minute 9 and he knew the rest of the encounter resist the rush of a very young Iniesta, Xavi, Ronaldinho, Saviola and company.

Alberto Rivera Levante-Barça
Rivera was the goalscorer in the historic win against Barca 2004 (The country)


Granota hobby that day he dreamed awake watching his team won an entire Barça and he traveled en masse to the return match where his team returned to make the cut. At Camp Nou the Catalans defeated by 3-1 al Levante with a rather contentious arbitration proceedings (Legal goal disallowed the Edwin Congo) and local public calling time.

Since then there have been many clashes between the two teams but the fans will always remember that granota 8 of January of 2004 as a special game. The first Lift-Barcelona of the modern era with victory included.

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