Leandro holding at the Vicente Calderon

Leandro holding at the Vicente Calderon
Leandro celebrates his goal at the Vicente Calderon. Photo: sportball.es

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Valencia Jorge Valdano visited the Vicente Calderón to face Atletico Madrid Radomir Antic of. Valencia CF occupied an intermediate position in the table but they had more or less close the positions that gave access to the UEFA Cup. Meanwhile, assembly Manzanares, a season before had managed the legendary doublet winning the league and cup, He was fifth and sought closer to the top positions. But nevertheless, The meeting made history by holding Leandro Machado, visiting striker.

The match, in a Calderon In works, It did not start anything right for colchoneros as Ariel Ortega He gave the visitors the 7 minutes. And if that was not enough, Eskurza Y Jose Ignacio, before the break, They left the marker in a strong 0-3 in a first 45 Atletico disastrous minutes.

In the second part he entered the field Caminero. Precisely the vallisoletano put some excitement noting the 1-3 with plenty of time still ahead.


But nevertheless, It would be reached at minutes 90 no more news on the scoreboard. That was when Brazilian striker Valencia, Leandro Machado, which he had entered the second part replacing Gálvez, achieve the final judgment marking the 1-4.

The goal did not overemphasis but his celebration would happen to history for being one of the most controversial in recent decades. Neither short nor lazy, Machado emulated a dog peeing. Not content to do it with one leg, It was recreated and so did the other. This provoked a logical anger in the Atletico fans, who they had to endure quite such a heavy defeat in their own stadium to receive mock rival striker.

Even though Leandro he scored 8 goals in half a season as Valencia will be most remembered for that celebration, a 15 March 1997, that his goals with the Mestalla.

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