Copa del Rey: Granada-Guadix, the penalty controversy

Copa del Rey: Granada-Guadix, the penalty controversy
That shootout between Granada and Guadix happened to the history of the Cup King (5000 and Ramos)

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Undoubtedly, the Copa del Rey, historically, He has offered memorable matches, some for pure spectacle, others by emotion but also others for being loaded with feeling, the opportunity to be weak to face the giant.

When you ask the fans of the Granada C.F. by competition from the K.O. Quickly boast the finals played in 1959, probably the biggest game in the history of the club Nazari and ended with defeat Helenio Herrera Barcelona with Luis Suarez, carter Y Eulogio Martínez as cracks. But nevertheless, in 2001, long after that historic match for Granada and very far from that greatness of which boasted then, Granada club which played perhaps his most media party in the Copa del Rey.

Let us place ourselves, Cup was played in a similar format which has imposed this season. The quarterfinals, the playoffs are played a single party, which it facilitated the surprises happen. The Granada lived their particular journey through the desert Second B after living one of the biggest setbacks of its history and die on the shore of the coveted promotion to the silver category just a few months ago. After the stampede of much of this splendid template, there are still some good scraps that formed a competitive team that was fighting for the top places of the Group IV. Accompanying the Granada, another team of Granada province, the Guadix, category suffered fighting for salvation.


The Copa del Rey then he came to give a moment of happiness throughout the province of Granada. The Granada getting rid of the Villarreal Meanwhile he Guadix He equalized four with a large Valencia who led the first division. Both sets getting the landmark eliminate two first and qualify for the second round. Whimsical hype would not grant a "fat" for Grenadians equipment, was much further and matched both in high ... returned derby vs Granada Guadix in eighths cup. Science fiction.

After two matches finished with draw 0, penalties will be those who decide to pass round on a cold January night that lengthens. It is about to develop a fateful batch that will be history.

The first brave cold that January night, the left-back Cervián, He hits a deflected shot into the crossbar Peramos to fly through the frigid sky, drop the lawn and into the net: GOAL!… or not? Pereñíguez Pérez, the referee, It has no doubt, The goal is valid. But not so the commentators Canal Sur televising the game, namely exarbitro Navarrete explains that the goal is incorrect. The news spreads by journalists, by tier, by dugout, by players ... The controversy erupts. The accitana fans complain from the third ring Los Carmenes. Between protests and an arbitrator wrapped up by the microphones of journalists, penalties continue until the decisive ruling Pedro, on the fourteenth launch.

While penalties are shot was heard all. The referee, Jaded by questions and complaints, He articulated a phrase that launched him to fame:

"I do not give a snobby what he says Navarrete!»

Guadix King Cup
Marca echoed the key play that game (Brand)

Granada festival wraps the lawn while claims occur. The Granada He had passed round for an alleged refereeing error. Grenadian team lives surf wrapped historic pass in the controversy while Guadix They raise a formal complaint to the Spanish Federation and a demonstration through the main streets is organized accitanas.

The alleged unforgivable mistake made famous a humble referee, who was responsible, interview interview, to defend their success. The penalty was fair and valid goal, there was no doubt. Hours made apology medium happen after half. The Granada again rub shoulders with the biggest clubs in Spain three decades later, thanks to a modest but brave referee who showed the best regulations meet international trencillas own.

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