School football in Spain FC Porto Dragon Force

School football in Spain FC Porto Dragon Force
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Football has changed a lot in recent years and how to work the quarry by the biggest clubs is no exception. An example of this is Dragon Force, the football academy in Spain around a giant European and the FC Porto.

The Portuguese club has been established in Enguera (Valencia) one of the sports facilities that can be considered one of the most important. The FC Porto It has always been characterized by being one of the teams that best works with the training of players and it has also served to make footballers with great projections finish finishing up in their ranks before making the leap to other teams.. Deco, Ricardo Carvalho, Otamendi, James Rodrigues, Hulk, André Silva the Falcao are some examples of what we are discussing.

A while now we are seeing that the price of the transfers and signings of the big leagues has soared from an extortionate form. Thus, it is increasingly common for football teams work more quarries and invest money not only in training of young players but technicians who perform work of scouting in search of the stars of tomorrow.

As we say, the FC Porto It takes years ahead of its main rivals not only in Portugal but in the rest of Europe. The dragons amount each season several players from their various academies and the first team to have a squad with an average age rather low. This has not prevented the team is a regular at the Champions League (the most important club competition level of the old continent) but also it has managed to reach the final rounds on several occasions.


The greatness of the club is clearly seen glancing at his resume. Not only one of the most important in his country but at European level has major titles such as: From European Cups (1987 Y 2004), of Intercontinental Cups (1987 Y 2004), of UEFA Cups (2003 Y 2011) and one European Super Cup (1987).

Focusing on the football academy Dragon Force with the white club has in Valencia, we must emphasize the fact that young players can have all kinds of amenities for their development not only as athletes but as people.

The center has enviable facilities in which it is given absolute priority to the good treatment of young talent that could become professionals in the future. Boys aged between the 6 Y 23 years They can be part of teams in this academy which also compete against rivals of the same age.

Both players and coaches have very modern facilities in which to study and train. In fact, more and more professional football teams that choose this school football owned by the FC Porto for their pre-season stage.


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