The real (and traumatic) why Johan Cruyff resigned from the World 1978

The real (and traumatic) why Johan Cruyff resigned from the World 1978
Johan Cruyff with his wife and one of his sons in 1977 (The vanguard)

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It was the best footballer of the decade of the 70 and he was part of one of the best teams in history, Clockwork Orange, which it reached the end of 1974. But nevertheless, everyone was surprised when Johan Cruyff He resigned from the World 1978 four years later. For a long time the issue remained secret, but nevertheless, the protagonist himself took care to confess the real reason for his absence in his autobiography.

The real reason why Johan Cruyff resigned from the World Cup in Argentina 1978

There were many speculations by the press and public opinion. No one could understand that Star selection orange and one of the best footballers in history It is absent the most important event in world football. In fact, Own Cruyff He had stated on several occasions its intention to win the World Cup 1978 and retire 31 years at the top. But it could not be.

Some claimed that it was a publicity problem, similar to that in 1974. Others pointed directly at his wife, Danny Coster, which supposedly would have prevented him attending the meeting of Argentina '78 for alleged problems occurred skirts 4 years earlier at the team hotel with various staff members. Nothing is further from reality.

Family life Cruyff He changed forever be a 17 September 1977. At that time ‘The skinny’ he belonged to FC Barcelona:

“… I was at home, in an apartment building, watching a basketball game on TV, when I thought I was a messenger rang the bell. But when I opened the door I found a gun pressed against my head and forced me to lie face down. We were all at home. The children were in her room and the man told Danny (his wife) which also lie down. I tried to reason with him. “You want money? What do you want?”. He tied and tied me to a cabinet. To do it, I had to leave the gun a moment, and then Danny got up and left the room and the building. The bastard chased. I was able to break free and grab the gun to make sure it did not. There were so many screams doors throughout the building opened. He immediately reduced”.

It later emerged that the intention of that type was to kidnap the FC Barcelona star and the Dutch national team, something that had happened to other stars previously. Obviously, Police went to the home of the Cruyff and he called and advised the crack of Barça not to tell the truth to avoid giving other crazy ideas.

He told it all in his autobiography

The decision was very difficult but Cruyff resigned from the World 1978 knowing it was his last chance to get the coveted trophy. His family was more important and was not a good idea to leave 8 weeks across the world. As the protagonist himself explains in detail in his autobiography, It was not the best way to face a challenge of this magnitude without being the 100% mentally.

Holland, without its star, He reached the final but were defeated by the host Argentina marker for 3-1 in extra time after the 90 minutes finalized with a tie. It was the party Kempes. The reason Johan Cruyff He resigned from the World 1978 He ceased to be a secret. Who knows if with him in the field of history would have been different.

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