Real Zaragoza shield: Who copied who?

Real Zaragoza shield: Who copied who?
The similarities between Norway and the shield of the Real Zaragoza are obvious.

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Symbols of a club are the most sacred and representative for its fans. Throughout the world there are several examples of teams copied the shield others for various reasons. Today we will analyze a curious coincidence (o no) which features on Real Zaragoza shield.

The whole hand from the beginning adopted a similar emblem on the city ​​of Zaragoza dating from the thirteenth century. “In a field of gules (Red) a lion rampant gold (yellow or gold), sole, I uñado, armed and crowned of the same metal (color)”.

Zaragoza shield
Shield of the city of Zaragoza (Wikipedia)

But nevertheless, one can powerfully call attention to the fact that there is a great similarity between the Real Zaragoza shield and Norway. In fact, if one observes them together is quite difficult to find significant differences.

In this case, again, we met with: “a single field of red background (gules in heraldic terminology) which contains a lion rampant, upright and leaning on one leg, crowned and yellow or gold (of gold). This lion carrying an ax with the blade gray or silver (pay a Argen) with handle yellow or gold (of gold)”.

Precisely that ax is the big difference between the two shields. In the case of the Norwegian Emblem also dates from the thirteenth century, specifically of the year 1280 so it is difficult to establish which of the two was designed first. further, the coat of arms of the king of Norway It is also very similar as we can see below:

Norway Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of the Monarch of Norway (Wikipedia)

The controversy with Real Zaragoza shield

Leaving aside the similarities between the two shields, both of the Real Zaragoza and Norway, There is a fact that also caused some controversy coinciding with the 75 maño anniversary of the club. It was a design change to more 'modern’ (as other teams have done quite debatable results).

Real Zaragoza shield
The shield of the 75 anniversary of the Real Zaragoza was' lying’ by the fans (Brand)

The zaragocista fans showed against the new shield so the club decided to hold a vote to decide whether adopted the new or chose to keep the classic. The result could not be clearer: almost 90% partners voted for the classic shield and thus the Real Zaragoza He kept until today.

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    1. The thing is that the Norwegians are all from Zaragoza, that is well known by everyone.,who is not going to be from Zaragoza?

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