The first televised game in history

The first televised game in history
Arsenal football players joke around with the camera that his party would televise Year 1937 (The country)

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Today, television has changed the world of football completely. A while now, the main income of clubs is starting television and lifelong aficionado, who attends every weekend to the stadium, It has gone into the background. Today we will talk about the first televised game history of football.

In April 1937 the Arsenal, Reigning English League, He organized a meeting between his first team and reserves. The event was organized to become the first televised game in history with the peculiarity that it would be broadcast in its entirety and live. Quite an event, definitely. By all accounts, the team led by George Allison he played that game pretty relaxed training as it was a step back to win the title as it did shortly after.


Meanwhile, the first televised game in Spain had as protagonists the Real Madrid y al Racing de Santander. curiously, the Cantabrian set was again a pioneer in something as it was also the first to place advertising on the shirt in our league, as we explained in this other article, and was also the first team to represent Spain in a European tournament, as discussed in this other publication.

The meeting between meringues and highlanders played a 24 October 1954 at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The end result was 3-0 favorable to the whites who scored all their goals in the second half through people, Miguel Muñoz Y Héctor Rial.

Many claim, wrongly, that the first televised game in Spain was The classic between Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona played in 1959 (and certainly it was the first to be televised throughout Spain) but that game between whites and racinguistas of 1954 It was earlier though, yes, They could only see the locals.


By last, We discuss the first televised game in a league as passionate as Argentina. Was the 18 November 1951 and the contestants were San Lorenzo de Almagro Y River Plate. From the Gasometer, LR3TV and Canal 7 were the chains in charge of carrying the signal throughout the country in a unique event that went down in history. The final result, by the way, was one tie.


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