Racing Santander first team to represent Spain in the European tournament

Racing Santander first team to represent Spain in the European tournament
Formation of the Real Racing Club that was proclaimed runner-up of the League in the season 1930-1931 (Cihefe)

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Ni FC Barcelona ni Real Madrid, The first team in the Spanish League to play a European tournament was the Racing Club de Santander (that ceased to be ‘Real’ at that time because in Spain the Second Republic had just been established).

Racing Santander, the first Spanish team to play in a European competition

Between the days 6 Y 14 June 1931 an international soccer tournament was held in Paris organized by the Racing Club of Paris, according to the General Commissariat of the Colonial Exposition and the collaboration of important newspapers such as The Little Parisian and the Excelsior. It was still a few years before the creation of the European Cup one to Fairs Cup that began to be played in 1955.

The tournament had a total of 8 teams, those who were invited to the tournament: Racing Club de France y Club Français (both from France), the Slavia of Prague (Czechoslovak league champion), the Royal Antwerp (Belgian league champion), the First Vienna (Austrian League champion), the Urania Genève Sport (Swiss League runner-up), Racing de Santander (runner-up of the Spanish League) and the Wolverhampton (fourth finalist of the FA Cup of England).

The Cantabrians came to the tournament due to the refusal of Athletic Club de Bilbao, Champion League. Since the lions disputed at that time the Spain Cup. Competition in which the Racing Club had been removed. Thus, the mountain team, who came second with the same points as the Basques, was the invited team.

They debuted with a victory

The Wolverhampton was the rival of the Racing Club in the quarterfinals. The English were favorites after reaching the quarterfinals of the prestigious FA Cup. But nevertheless, To everyone's surprise, The Santanderians achieved a great victory for 3-1 that classified them for the semifinals of the tournament.

That 7 June 1931 the Cantabrians formed with Alone, Pico, Ceballos, Hernández, Baragaño, Ibarra, Santi, teletai, Oscar, Larrinaga Y Cisco. The authors of the three goals for the Spanish team were Larrinaga, Oscar Y Baragaño penalty.

Later, in semifinals, the Racing fell clearly by 5-1 against him Slavia of Prague. Thus, the Czechs agreed to the final of the tournament in which they were defeated by 2-1 against him Urania Geneve Sport Swiss champion.

A record for history

So, it can be said that the Racing Club de Santander was the first team to represent Spain and the League in a European international tournament. And if that was not enough, the mountain team was also the pioneer in our football to introduce advertising on their jersey. And of course, It's one of the 10 teams that were part of the First Division in its creation in the season 1928-1929.

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