The statues of the soccer players that can be seen in the Camp Nou

The statues of the soccer players that can be seen in the Camp Nou
PHOTO: Picture of <a href="">Jinwoo Ahn</a> in <a href="">Pixabay</a>

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History FC Barcelona It has been signed by some of the best soccer players in history. Testimony of this is the grass of the different stadiums that the Barcelona entity has had, an always immaculate green tablecloth that has been trodden on by various world-class figures. Since Lionel Messi until Ronaldinho, going by Romario O Paulino Alcantara. Born competitors who left their mark on the shield cull.

The galaxy of stars that has added the Barça has led it to become one of the most successful clubs in Spanish football. He has won countless titles and this course is fighting to add a League more to his record. Its importance and ancestry can be corroborated by its privileged position in the media., and in the role of favorite that he holds in most of the matches. If you list some of The best football betting houses, It can be seen that in all of them he is the favorite to win the national title. A virtual triumph that, except capital hecatomb, will soon become real.

curiously, among all the players who have gone through the discipline cull, there are only two who have the honor of having a statue in the outer zone of the Camp Nou. If you have visited the Barcelona temple and its adjacent areas, you will know exactly which players we are talking about. But for those who have not yet had the pleasure of doing so, we will tell your story.

Kubala, the first myth

Although the culé temple was inaugurated on 24 September 1957, the two statues are from the current century. The oldest is from the year 2009 and pay homage to Ladislao Kubala. The Hungarian-born footballer defended the Barça between 1950 Y 1962, scoring a total of 194 targets with the blaugrana jacket. He is considered one of the best players in football history., and legends state that the construction of the Camp Nou was eminently justified in his figure.

The player had absolute quality on his feet and was the leader of what is known as the “Barça of the five cups“, what between the years 1951 Y 1952 added the League, Spain Cup, the Eva Duarte Cup, the Latin European Cup and the Martini Trophy & Rossi.

Holds a record that he shares with the player child, of the Athletic Club, by scoring seven goals in a single game. His statue is located in a predominant position in the enclosure of the Camp Nou, on the outer esplanade that gives access to the grandstand area. The statue is about two meters high and made of bronze. It was designed by the artist Montserrat Garcia Rivers, constituting a very busy point for tourists and fans. The picture, that shows the player before hitting a ball, was paid for by popular subscription at the initiative of the Barça Veterans Group, made up of athletes who have worn the culé shirt.

the flying dutchman

Camp Nou statues
PHOTO: Picture of Jinwoo Ahn in Pixabay

The second statue that can be visited in the Barcelona fiefdom is that of Johan Cruyff. This is another figure who left an indelible mark on the club's sporting career. He marks the start of the Barça that we all know, with an incomparable style of play focused on good treatment of the ball. The statue is located on the esplanade of the grandstand of the Camp Nou, also made of bronze, very close to that of Kubala. Cruyff He lived two stages as a Barcelona fan, one as a player, between 1973 Y 1978, and one as a coach between 1988 Y 1996. His greatest success was the achievement of the first European Cup Of the entity, got in 1992.

The figure of the player is accompanied by the phrase “go out and enjoy“, words that he verbalized to his players before the European final to which we referred before. The statue was inaugurated in 2019 and imagined by the Dutch artist Corry Ammerlaan-van Niekerk. His presentation was attended by the children and wife of the legendary player. Another mass pilgrimage point for the Barcelona social mass.

Surely, the next statue to be inaugurated is that of Lionel Messi. It is not necessary to describe the importance of the player in the modern history of the club.. If he finally returns to the culé discipline, that would be a goodbye according to the transcendence of his figure.


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