Kuwait Sheikh annulling a goal in the World Cup Spain '82

Kuwait Sheikh annulling a goal in the World Cup Spain '82
Sheikh access the field to protest the Soviet referee who disallowed the goal for France (Photo: capture Youtube)

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Today we bring you one of the most bizarre stories of World Cup history. we travel World Cup Spain '82 a party that played in the Nuevo José Zorrilla Valladolid selection Kuwait against France of the group 4, corresponding to the second day of the first phase.

An exotic team at the World Cup in Spain 1982

Kuwait He had achieved a more than creditable draw in the first match of the tournament against Czechoslovakia while France He had fallen against England so this party was of vital importance to both. The meeting was normal with a favorable marker for the French 3-1 when Platini He gave a good pass to the front Giresse and this was the 4-1 that practically he sentenced the race.

But nevertheless, players Kuwait They protested the referee and they said he had heard a whistle just before the goal and for that reason had been unemployed. The referee did not consider protests and took the score goal. then when from the stands of the stadium's brother Emir of Kuwait, Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, He began making gestures asking his players to leave the field.

The Sheikh of Kuwait came down to the lawn

After a moment of doubt, Sheikh was decided to lower the pitch to the permissiveness of the Spanish Civil Guard and the surprise of all present. It was not known what he could tell the referee of the match, the Soviet Miroslav Stupar, but the fact is that the referee disallowed the goal against the French outrage. Gallic coach, Michel Hidalgo, He could not contain his anger and was sent off and the game resumed with a drop.

Fortunately, the end result was 4-1 as France He managed to score another goal and this decision did not have much impact on the classification but what is clear is that it was one of the most curious anecdotes in World Cup history. Of course, The referee was banned for life after that decision. Meanwhile, Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah died in 1990 defending the royal palace in the invasion of Iraq during the gulf war.

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