Some of the best stories of Españeta, utillero the mythical Valencia CF

Some of the best stories of Españeta, utillero the mythical Valencia CF
Españeta with Kempes and Maradona before a Valencia-Barcelona in Mestalla that supposed the debut of Diego in La Liga (uncheck)

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Anyone who has known has good words for him. Linked to a whole life Valencia CF which has remained for more than 60 years, first in the subsidiary and then in the first team. Your name, Bernardo Spain, known to all as ‘Españeta.

During all this time the famous valencianista utillero has seen it all and has a endless anecdotes to tell all the great players who have gone through the entity che. In an interview with the newspaper Lift-EMV He reviewed some of them.


The best known is probably the one that has as its protagonist Kempes. the fact that given Españeta I was able to copy all the signatures of the players of the various templates Valencia to facilitate the work when autographing footballs or shirts. However, one day the thing was beyond. Argentine footballer had to cash a check in his name and was the kit man himself who forged the signature, He entered the bank and got away with the money without any problems, at the door waiting stunned Argentine footballer.

But there are many more. While at Valencia, Pedja Mijatovic He wore a Rolex which it had cost two million pesetas. Montenegrin only confided his watch to Españeta before playing a game that kept it until the final whistle. One day footballer went home and forgot his watch. The utillero slept with the piece on your wrist so that it is not stolen.


But if there is another big with guarding an extraordinary relationship was Alfredo Di Stefano former coach Mestalla. Many do not know, but Españeta had a touch of spectacular ball (was young footballer but an injury sustained by a fall in moto forced him to give up football). Argentine coach joked with him saying he was brilliant not giving touches on the ball in training and undermining the morale of the players. It is that it was able to give more than 700 touches without the ball hit the ground.

Españeta, utillero Valencia CF
It is said that Españeta was able to give more touches without the ball touching the ground that many players who have gone through the Valencia (Pinterest)

We do not want to dismiss this article without one last anecdote that features the player Madjer. According account in the same interview Lift-EMV, in a match that Valencia He should play in Murcia in the early 80, the bus he was riding the team had to stop for the Algerian player could pray toward Mecca.

The 14 October 2020, Españeta died to 82 year old. From here our memory for one of the legends of Valencianism.


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