Why Sevilla FC fans are known as' Basins’

Why Sevilla FC fans are known as' Basins’
El origen del mote 'palanganas' para referirse a los aficionados del Sevilla FC (Salmonpalangana.com)

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In FUTBOLRETRO.ES We love to inquire into the origin of the nicknames of clubs and fans. This time we will deal with the origin of the nickname of that sevillistas, as many of you know, They are known as 'basins'.

First we have to say that there are several legends about why the fans Sevilla FC given this nickname and is not known for sure which one is correct. For this reason we will try to expose some of them (which they seem to have more credibility from our point of view) and that each stay with the one you like.

The Barber of Seville

One version has more force and can be considered more or less' official’ (in fact it is what is published in the official website of the League) It is the one starring Felix Medina Mancera. This apprentice hairdresser that, in the year 1931, He visited the barbershop where he worked a steering founder Sevilla FC.

Apparently, Felix while he arranged his beard and hair, the manager told him that in the year 1907 a promising young footballer was close to signing for the club Seville but his move was not carried out because they belonged to a poor family. Part of the club's board refused to hire players who were not of noble class while others argued that everyone should have the opportunity to dress the sevillista shirt.


Thus, there was a division that caused half the executives decided to leave the Sevilla FC and create a new team that would end up being the current Real Betis Balompié back in 1907. Precisely these founders of verdiblanco set (who originally wore blue T-shirt) They regaled his' brothers’ with a white ceramic basin trianera with a note saying:

“Here we leave this farewell palangana, that lifetime be using to collect and shed tears, not your failures, but by our successes, because from now you will be more aware of them than your own reality”.

Sevilla palanganas
Palangana FC Sevilla (Sevilla Today)

Of course, other versions exist on the origin of the 'basins'. One is the fact that T-Shirt Sevilla FC It has always been white and for many years looks red details like lines on his shoulders that closely resemble those already mentioned ceramic basins trianera. further, long the legend that this nickname was due to the shape of sevillista stadium attached to the color of their seats spread (white with some red lines for many years).


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