1860 Munich, Franz Beckenbauer's first love

1860 Munich, Franz Beckenbauer's first love
Bayern forged its hegemony in Munich over the years 70 onwards (Pinterest)

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The TSV 1860 and the Bayern are the two most important clubs in Munich. Historically there has been an abysmal difference between the two, but nevertheless, this was not always so. Today we will remember a fact that, surely, meant a before and after in history not only of both but of all German football.

Franz Anton Beckenbauer, considered by many one of the best defenses history of football, debuted in the first team the Bayern Munich in 1964. It is without a doubt, one of the most important men in the history of the bavarian club and the german national team, in which he got the World Cup 1974 as a player and the 1990 coaching, in addition to the European Championship 1972, also as a player.

In the summer of 1958, Franz was playing a youth tournament with his club, the SC 1906 Munich. With only 13 years, the young man Beckenbauer stood out as the center forward of his team. So much, that in the semifinals of that tournament he had scored a goal for Bayern Munich.

I was from 1860 even when he descended. I always dreamed of playing with them”

In the end, they faced SC 1906 Munich in front of Munich 1860, Franz's favorite team since childhood. Years later, he said in an interview: "I was on the team even when he came down. I always dreamed of playing with them ”. Before the final, Beckenbauer had already decided to sign for Munich 1860, because your current club, could not afford to keep their school teams for lack of funds. The other team that wanted it was the Bayern, but the young man did not feel any sympathy said club, Rather the complete opposite.

A few minutes after starting the final, the midfielder of 1860 Munich, who had already been warned of the young striker's talent, made a very hard entrance, that he decided to return it minutes later. The atmosphere in the party was tense, so much that, after another foul by Franz on the rival midfielder, this one slapped him. There is a second version that tells that the player did not slap him, but he said: "Stupid fool. Go play with marbles and leave football to the older ones ”. In any case, this didn't sit well with little Franz, who decided at that very moment, that he would never play for a club with players who behaved in such a violent way. Minutes later he would score a goal to say goodbye to his club, the SC 1906 Munich.

Beckenbauer He kept his word and just a few days later, signed for the lower categories of Bayern Munich, eternal rival of your beloved 1860.

A few years later, the then president of Bayern, Willi Neudecker, hired as a first team coach Tschick Cajkovski, champion of Germany in 1962 with the Cologne. It is, accepted the offer despite Bayern still not being a great team in Germany, possibly tempted by the great generation on the team.

TSV 1860 Munich
The 1860 Munich lived its golden age in the 60. Cup Champion in 1964, Bundesliga champion in 1966 and finalist of the Recopa in 1965 (Wanderers)

The Maier, Schwarzenbeck, Roth, Müller and of course Beckenbauer, led Bayern to win 4 Bundesliga, 3 European Cups consecutively and also, a European Cup Winners' Cup and an Intercontinental Cup, making it the most successful club in the history of Germany and a fearsome team in Europe.

Franz Beckenbauer, a nivel individual, would get hold of the Golden Ball european in 2 occasions (1972 Y 1976), and he would be named the third best player of the 20th century by IFFHS in 2004.

Beckenbauer Golden Ball
Beckenbauer receives one of his two Ballon d'Or (Eternal Hatred of Modern Soccer)

After achieving so many collective and individual titles, and to raise the Bayern Munich to the highest level in Germany, We are wondering, What would have happened if in that youth match, the midfielder of Munich 1860 wouldn't have slapped Beckenbauer? Would it now be a leading team in Germany? We will never know.

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