Thuram reveals the footballer who made it harder for him: “I had nightmares with him”

Thuram reveals the footballer who made it harder for him: “I had nightmares with him”
Thuram and Munitis in the France-Spain of the Eurocup of the year 2000 (Sports world)

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Lilian Thuram he is one of the great footballers in the history of France. The defender wore the shirt of some of the best European clubs such as the Parma, Juventus O FC Barcelona. further, he was champion of Europe and the world with his team. Almost nothing.

But nevertheless, in an interview Libero, the defender revealed the name of the player who made it worse for him on the pitch. It was in a Spain-France corresponding to the Eurocup of the year 2000, that of the famous Alfonso goal, by the way, the French ended up winning.

“I have a very bad memory for the names of the stadiums or the games I have played. But nevertheless, I will always remember the name of a footballer: Munitis. He is the footballer who has created the most problems for me on a pitch”.

In the break of that encounter, Thuram He discussed with his teammates the problems that the small Spanish soccer player was creating for him. Christian Karembeu, that he would end up being a companion of the Cantabrian at Real Madrid, tried to cheer him up but without much success: “Fortunately, I do not know why, the spanish coach (José Antonio Camacho) decided to change it in the second part. It was a relief for me. I didn't know how to stop it”.

The obsession of Thuram by Munitis went so far that the French recognized, we imagine that ironically, having nightmares with him. yes, for a long time he kept a photo of his rival in his office: “I don't have many soccer photos, but I did have a Munitis for a long time. Looking at her taught me humility, something to never lose”.

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