The new rule that Beckenbauer wanted to introduce after Italy ’90

The new rule that Beckenbauer wanted to introduce after Italy ’90
Franz Beckenbauer, coach of the German team that won the World Cup in Italy in 1990 (

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Franz Beckenbauer he is one of the most influential figures in the history of football. Not in vain, the German managed to be crowned World Cup champion both as a player (1974) coaching (1990). Only Lobo Zagallo Y Didier Deschamps share this honor.

Precisely at the end of that world championship held in Italian territory, Kaiser proposed a change in regulations that did not materialize. As himself Beckenbauer collected in his book “What really happened”, in which he tells various anecdotes and curiosities lived during his time as a professional, his intention was to reduce the number of players per team, of 11 a 10.

This idea came to the head of the coach after the round of 16 match that faced Holland and Germany. In this meeting, Frank Rijkaard Y Rudi Völler they had their pluses and minuses. The Dutchman made a strong entrance to his rival and later, without the referee realizing, he spat. Soon after, they both got back together and the referee expelled them..

Rijkaard Fuller
Moment in which Frank Rijkaard spits Rudi Voller in the World Cup 1990 (As USA)

The two teams stayed, so, with one less player in the first half, with many minutes ahead. It was from then on that the match became much more attractive to the spectator and the goals began to fall in both goals until the final 2-1 for the Germans. Like is logic, with much more space, the show was much bigger.

“Football is best played with 10 than with 11”

But nevertheless, the proposal of Franz Beckenbauer, as we said at the beginning, was not taken into account and, Fortunately or unfortunately, football is still a sport of 11 against 11. curiously, quite a long time ago, the historical Argentine coach Helenio Herrera had made that phrase famous: “Football is best played with 10 than with 11”.

Beckenbauer's idea in Italy 90 did not come to fruition

The idea of ​​the German technician received enough criticism from his professional colleagues. The Colombian Francisco ‘Pacho’ Maturana, who directed the coffee grower precisely in that same World Cup played in trasalpine territory, He stated the following: “The idea seems absurd to me. In fact, I instead of reducing the number of players would expand it to 12 since I always lack footballers that I want to line up”.


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