4 soccer players who struggled with gambling problems

4 soccer players who struggled with gambling problems
Gerard_Pique is one of the footballers who love Poker. PHOTO: Brand

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Bet on a online casino in Spain it's a fun and completely legal activity. In fact, it is very exciting to follow up the teams, because their soccer players are real sports celebrities. But nevertheless, some players have had problems with the game and we will tell you about some of them shortly.


  • Martin Demichelis: Anyone who has bet on a online casino win real money The name of the Argentine footballer will seem familiar to you. Who served as a central defender at Málaga Club, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, among others. It is worth mentioning that, the current director of Bayern Munich II, while he was a gamer he was accused of performing 29 illegal betting on football and was sanctioned by the English Federation for breaking rule E8.

  • Gerard Piqué: This iconic defender of F.C. Barcelona is not a fan of baccarat game. Notably, he has been seen participating in different poker tournaments, where he has come to pay tickets up to 25.000 €. Even, It is stated that when he formed the Manchester United squad on one afternoon anyone could invest up to 30.000 € in bets. It should be noted that, He has also been seen winning important sums in poker that are around the 350.000 €.

  • Neymar: This Brazilian footballer is a celebrity in his country and Europe. He currently works as a forward for the famous French team Paris Saint Germain. His current club is alert with Neymar Junior. Well, has been featured in advertisements related to famous online poker sites. Likewise, has been seen repeatedly participating in poker. Even, accompanied by other international football celebrities.

  • Ronaldo: He was a true star of Brazilian and European football, to the point that it has been affirmed that he is the best striker that has ever existed. It is worth noting that, Ronaldo Nazário is currently a shareholder and president of the Real Valladolid club. further, It is no secret to anyone that this former player has had a preference for poker, where you have made important bets.


Many famous footballers have been fans of betting, to the extreme of investing a lot of money and being involved in scandals. But nevertheless, the preferences of the highest percentage do not include mejores slots. Actually, most prefer poker; the game that demands strategy is the one who takes away their sleep.


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