Since when has gambling been linked to soccer??

Since when has gambling been linked to soccer??

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The linking of sports bets with the football it probably goes back to their own origins of sport in England in 1863, when it was endowed with the first regulation by the Football Association (FA), this pairing being perfectly logical if we take into account the roots in British culture of everything that has to do with forecasts, as evidenced by the fact that the horse racing or greyhounds date from time immemorial.

The first pools

With everything, the first legal football betting system that existed in the whole world was that of its own English pool, that had its origin in 1923 en Littlewoods, preceding in almost 23 years to Spanish that arose in 1946, in the post-war era. But, on the fringes of this popular way to make forecasts established by the states for tax collection purposes, until the years 60 you could not bet on football or any sport unless it was done clandestinely.

The arrival of television

In the aforementioned decade of the sixties, soccer would experience a great boom with the impulse that the sports broadcasts, that had myriad effects on multiple levels, doing without going any further than doing live betting was much more attractive since you could see live everything that happened in the games.

Faced with growing popular demand, in the UK gambling houses were legalized in 1960, Meanwhile in Spain had to wait for 1977, although it can be said that the limitation of the broadcast of matches greatly limited the volume of bets that could be made, since it used to be broadcasted normally one game a week, or at most two or three already at the end of the seventies and in the eighties counting the different competitions (league, European Cup and Championships).

But nevertheless, with the emergence of cable television in the 1990s and the opportunity to view any match live that was played of any competition multiplied the possibilities of realizing live forecasts, what motivated a massive investment in sponsorships and advertising associated with football by the different authorized gaming operators.

The revolution that the internet brought

This trend would become even more pronounced with the emergence and spread of the internet., that avoided having to go to a physical bookmaker to make predictions, or depend on a television or radio to be able to get informed in real time of what it happened in the games.

This caused a true outbreak that resulted in the proliferation of t-shirt sponsorships important clubs, or in the abundance of TV commercials about online betting, although the recently approved gambling law has established a new regulatory framework that regulates both advertising and welcome bonus offers. Thus, Information and analysis pages of bookmakers like this one are especially important:

How can you check the bets and football are quite intertwined, dating this link from the very origins of this sport, Although over the years and the universalization of sports broadcasting and the internet, this link has become even stronger.


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