Amunike, one of the worst signings in the history of FC Barcelona

Amunike, one of the worst signings in the history of FC Barcelona
The signing of Amunike by Barça was an absolute failure (The world)

Recently we published an article with worst signings of FC Barcelona. Today we will focus on a particular case, that of Emmanuel Amunike, whose passage by the whole culé was most frustrating.

At the end of the season 95/96 the glorious Dream Team It was history, third in league gave the lace Johan Cruyff who had tried with bad results a generational shift in the successful template I culé. In summer 1996 He came to Barcelona to Sir Bobby Robson. Everyone who dealt with the technical English describes him as a person close, very smart and very clear ideas; one of those people who is able to convince you to take the penultimate even if you are waiting at home or ... to sign a particular player by little talk you.

Robson arrived in Barcelona with a clear idea, of the signing of the player who brought down the street from bitterness as coach of Porto, the end of the sportinguista Emmanuel Amunike. English felt that the African player would be vital in the game for his side Barcelona. Although he was a player virtually unknown in Spain, It was not too far fetched an idea as it already 1994 He had been honored as the best player in Africa.

"Amunike can take it all, including pressure. I never ask a player who does not fit into the club. If they like Figo, expect to see a Amunike. It is not vague, like most African. It has character and quality. " Bobby Robson, Brand. 28/05/1996

Nonetheless, the blaugrana sports management handled other options: Ginola, Almeyda, Karembeu ... but no one was able to lose the donkey coach. In late May, Amunike It was announced as the first signing of the era Robson. It was beginning to be a real "acquisition renditions" in which three presentations will happen, two desmentimientos, an alleged knee injury, the medical team of La Zarzuela, a complaint with FIFA and Olympic gold medal. Behind all, English cabezonería.

Mentideros footballing suggest that a member of the technical team of Robson, to being challenged by the best qualities of Amunike to explain the "almost obsessive interest" of the British, surprisingly he replied that this was his potential in the throw. While it is true that the Englishman was obsessed with the game ball stopped, logic and lack of documentation make us think that this statement was the result of a misunderstanding or a mistranslation, but will be decisive when the Nigerian game does not shine in Camp Nou.

Ronaldo Barcelona
Ronaldo Nazario and Amunike celebrate a goal with Barca (Sports Ball)

Although the Barcelona atmosphere never fully understand the signing of Amunike, the player quickly gained a wardrobe for his affable. Affectionately christened by his peers as Manolito, He came to enjoy a dream night giving the three points with a goal at the buzzer in the gray party Barca in Logroño. He also had a role in one of the final of Copa most remembered, when the whole FC Barcelona managed to win at Betis with Figo last goal which clinched a door for a launch of the Nigerian chronic pointed out that "I went to the English Court".

But nevertheless, best moments were not able to rise above the gloom clouding the fans culé which resulted in the Amunike debut at the Camp Nou, when, ready to do their best move, the throw, an inopportune slip has laid facing the lawn. Ridiculous event would be the prelude to his career in Spain.

If fate had cruelly treated Nigeria since his fate was crossed with that of the Barcelona, in September 1997 reach the final setback. The footballer was breaking for football where the Catalans doctors had warned from the outset. After two years in white and embarrassing attempts to Barcelona to cancel your card, Amunike again see the footballing light through the single slit it opens in Spain: the Albacete second division, where only play fifteen games in two seasons.

Amunike He stood as an icon of the football noventero, Forever immortalized by the famous song that linked him with phonetically Luis Enrique and for a car commercial that paid tribute him with his best move: feinted kick his glorious band, passes first successful steps of clubbers dancing.

Luis Enrique Amunike
Luis Enrique jokes with teammate Amunike (Pinterest)

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