Bayern Atletico, a cup final single Europe in history

Bayern Atletico, a cup final single Europe in history
Beckenbauer and Abelardo, Bayern and Atletico captains respectively, exchange pennants before the end of 1974 (Photo: DOES)

Final European Cup of the season 1973-1974 disputed by Bayern de Munich and the Atletico Madrid It has been the only one in the history of the tournament that had to be decided by a playoff game.

It was because that 15 May 1974, at Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Germans and Spaniards drew one in the first match with goals from Luis Aragones for Atletico and Schwarzenbeck for Bayern.


That first final ended goalless and it was in overtime when they reached the two goals. The first was by a direct free masterfully executed by the red and white legend, Luis Aragones, in the minute 114 party.

It seemed impossible that he could escape title to Atletico Madrid when the 120 extra time, ie at the last minute, a whiplash from outside the area went into the goal defended by Miguel Reina, Atletico goalkeeper at that time.

Luis Aragones
Time when Luis Aragones mark lack of direct goal Atletico Madrid (The world)

Atleti footballers were visibly touched psychically, opposite that Bayern, with Maier, Beckenbauer y Muller among others, who braved the replay as a second chance that they would not miss getting the first European Cup in the club's history.

The Bavarian destroyed the Athletic in the second game played two days later on the same stage with a resounding and indisputable marker 4-0 (Uli Hoeness and Gerd Muller both were doubly scorers).


From that mazazo, the Athletic He has continued committed to achieving a title that has eluded him on three occasions (counting that first time 1974). both 2014 like in 2016, Atletico fell again in the final against its eternal rival, the Real Madrid, and also the cruelest form.

In the end of 2014, Atletico overcame again by 1-0 with time served. In fact, Sergio Ramos He won the tie for the Real Madrid in the minute 93, on the last play of the game. Real Madrid took the title in the extension.

By last, the most recent, it was in 2016 when the meringue team won the mattress on penalties after the final ended with a tie. Definitely, history owes him one European Cup al Atletico Madrid.

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  1. If history owes a European Cup to Atletico it also owes a World Cup to the Netherlands and the same now Spain did not have a World Cup, things are as they are and history what it is

  2. Because soccer owes him?? , they will have to play better, the classes are not obtained just like that.
    You miss two penalties and they say they deserve it?!?!

    1. Juan A VM? Juan A VM? Juan A VM, Juan A VM….

      Juan A VM!! Juan A VM, Juan A VM….Juan A VM
      Juan A VM, Juan A VM!! Juan A VM!! LOL

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