The best Cuban soccer players before and now

The best Cuban soccer players before and now
Soccer is also played in Cuba. PHOTO:

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The times change. The world of sport does not escape this premise and an example of this is the soccer boom in Cuba, nation recognized for its performance in baseball.

Spanish migration brought soccer to Cuba, and in the year 1902 the first recorded football match was played there, and the birth of the Cuban clubs was made official.

Cuban baseball and soccer have alternated to dominate the sporting popularity in that nation.

scholars of the subject, like the ones you will find in Srdeportes assure that in the decades of the years 30 Y 40 football was the king of sports in that Caribbean nation since the national soccer team was created to 1930 and participated in a FIFA World Cup in 1938.

Regarding the National Soccer League of Cuba, was founded in 1912 and currently has eight teams.

Here we bring you a list of the most recognized Cuban players.

Some of the most historical

Jesus "Chus" Alonso: son of spanish, was born in Cuba in April 1917. He was one of the most renowned athletes of Cuban-Spanish origin in Europe.

He played for the Real Madrid soccer club after the war. He scored the first official goal at the Santiago Bernabeu. He died in Madrid in 1979.

mario lopez: Born on 2 from December to 1911, he served as a striker, well remembered as a great scorer and intelligent plays.

He stood out at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Havana, and in the qualifiers for the World Championship of 1934. He was named as one of the 30 best CONCACAF players, in 1999 to honor his career.

Serguei Prado: Born on 9 March 1974, is recognized as a fierce striker. With 127 goals, he won the title of top scorer in the Cuban national championships.

Famous Cuban soccer players today

Osvaldo Alonso Moreno: He is a midfielder, which they call Ozzie Alonso. Cuban born, emigrated to the United States, where he was naturalized as a citizen.

In 2008 he was captain of the Cuba U-23 team during the qualification for the Olympic Games. He plays for Minnesota United FC of Major League Soccer.

Marcel Hernandez: He is one of the most talented Cuban athletes. From an early age he was part of the Cuban soccer team, migrated to be a professional in other lands. performs as a center forward in the Club Sport Cartaginés of the First Division of Costa Rica.

Thanks to a career with an accumulated 90 annotations, has been named the foreign soccer player who holds the record for the most goals in the history of Costa Rican soccer.

Jordan Santa Cruz: He is a defender for Scarborough SC in the Canadian Soccer League.. since august 2018, he was the captain of the Cuban team.

but together with others 4 footballers leave the team in Toronto and request refuge in that nation where they have developed their professional career.

Luis Paradela: Left winger player for Deportivo Saprissa in the Costa Rican Primera División right now.

He completed an excellent career in Cuba and later in 2019 moved to Guatemala where he began playing for La Universidad SC soccer club.

Although Cuba has historically been known for its love of baseball, football is gaining ground in the country, and the youth practice it constantly.

There are several successful Cuban players in foreign teams, which shows that Cuban soccer has the potential to grow and develop.


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