Why the shirt of Real Betis is verdiblanca?

Why the shirt of Real Betis is verdiblanca?
Real Betis training season 75-76 comprising Gª Fernández, Biscuit, Sabate, Cuiñas, Biosca, López. Benitez, Alabanda, Mendieta, Cardeñosa, Anzarda (Olympia on Twitter)

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T-Shirt Real Betis It is one of the most recognizable Spanish football. The Andalusian club is one of the most fans have in our country and it is very common to see fans with bética zamarra in the stands of any stadium accompanying his team.

But nevertheless, in the beginning the Andalusian club wore other colors. Specifically the first shirt of Real Betis was blue with white pants, something like the Italian national team or Real Oviedo, to give two examples. In fact, This uniform has been used on more than one occasion by the club as an alternative Heliopolis.

Why the Real Betis Balompié verdiblancos acquired colors, far from what many may think, It has nothing to do with the fact that the flag of Andalusia is this color.


It was late 1911 approximately when the shirt of Real Betis would become verdiblanca. It was thanks to Manuel Ramos Asensio, first captain, which also he served as coach, the Andalusian. Ramos was inspired T-Shirt Celtic de Glasgow after having studied and lived for a time in this city of Scotland.

Throughout the more than 100 year history of the Sevillian team, They have been many legendary players who have worn the shirt verdiblanca. Esnaola, Gordillo, Rogelio, Cardeñosa, Alfonso, Finidi or Joaquín own They have advocated for pride beticismo.

But nevertheless, There have also been stories throughout history bético team. As recently we explained in an article, the Real Betis He came to play for 4 minutes dressed completely in white, as its eternal rival Sevilla.

On another occasion, it happened something very similar in Toledo horse jumping but this time its president refused to play white and the home team had to give.

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