Buffon gives way to Cristiano Ronaldo

Buffon gives way to Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo continues to make history. PHOTO: Marca.com

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For sure, Gianluigi Buffon has been one of the most iconic goalkeepers in football history, thanks to a career full of successes both nationally and internationally. In fact, up to this euro 2021 He was the player who had played the most games with the shirt of a national team, but he will be overtaken by a Cristiano Ronaldo who once again surpasses one more record and enlarges his legend in this sport.

The Portuguese star is going to become the player who has played the most games in the top continental competition, including qualifying round matches. further, Everything indicates that it will also move away like the top scorer historical, proving that we are talking about one of the best footballers of the last decades.

On the other hand, Ronaldo is also currently the player who has played the most Euro Cups, surpassing names of the stature of Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero or Luka Modric. The forward has participated in five uninterrupted tournaments, conquering the last edition and helping Portugal arrive as the current champion of the title.

A sports career full of successes

Of course, Ronaldo's quality is more than proven, thanks to a spectacular sports career that began to emerge at Manchester United FC. From there, his seasons at Real Madrid CF made him world famous, since many analysts equated his figure with that of Lionel Messi. Finally, the Portuguese has ended up making the jump to Juventus FC, but he still has time to take on new challenges in the final stretch of his sports career.

In this way, no wonder every encounter in which Ronaldo appears turns into a true mass event, because the goals are multiplied with him on the field of play. In fact, It is a great joy for fans that there is a tighter calendar every time, since follow the Soccer Today It means seeing the best footballers in the world at least once a week. further, thanks to the advancement of technology, We can now follow our favorite players and teams live, where and when we want.

Qatar Soccer World Cup, his big goal

By last, we cannot ignore that Ronaldo continues to have very ambitious goals, especially if we pay attention to The World Cup of Football to be held in Qatar from 2022. This could be his last participation as a representative of the Portugal team, but only their presence in the call would place the Portuguese as clear candidates when it comes to fighting for this prestigious trophy.

The Portuguese forward is a true football legend and he has more than proved it, but thanks to his physical form and his disciplined work he could be one of the longest-lived players on the field. Therefore, no wonder it reaches the Euro 2024, where it would finish smashing all the records and leave marks that would be practically impossible to match for the next few decades.


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