Cameroon, the great revelation of the World Cup in Italy 1990

Cameroon, the great revelation of the World Cup in Italy 1990
Maradona in his match against Cameroon in 1990 (

The Cameroon national team It is a classic in the history of the World Cups. Not in vain, the African team is the one that has played the most World Cups on its continent, ahead of nigeria.

But nevertheless, African teams are not used to putting on great performances at the World Cups. None of them have passed the quarterfinals, something that was very close to achieving Cameroon in the championship held in Italy in the year 1990.

That tournament was complicated for the African team. The debut could not be more demanding because Cameroon they had to see their faces against Argentina, defending champion after the success of 1986. Maradona, Caniggia, Ruggeri and company could not with the Cameroonians who took the victory by 0-1 thus giving the first big surprise.

The second match pitted the Africans against another tough nut to crack, the Gica Hagi's Romania. Again, Against all odds, the Cameroonians managed to win by the minimum (2-1) with a double of the mythical Roger Milla.

With the qualification for the round of 16 in his pocket, Cameroon clearly fell against the Soviet Union for 4-0. Now it was time to prepare for the crossover that would face the powerful Colombia that had very important players like Higuita, Valderrama O Freddy Rincon, among others.

Roger Milla, cameroon legend

Regulation time ended in a scoreless draw.. But in extra time he would appear again Roger Milla what, with a new double, put to Cameroon in the quarterfinals of a World Cup. A complete success and a dream that Africans did not want to wake up from.

already in quarters, England would be the rival of the indomitable lions. The match was epic and had to be resolved, again, in extra time after regular time ended 2-2. In overtime, one goal Gary Lineker put the English in the semifinals and ended the dream of Cameroon.

It's been many years but, Today, there are many of us who remember that historic World Cup in Italy in which the goals of Roger Milla, with little dance included, They passed into history. Since then, other African teams have managed to reach the quarter-finals (Ghana y Senegal), but never beyond.

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