The worst World Cups in football history

The worst World Cups in football history
The World Cup in Italy, one of those who changed the history of football (Football)

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Every four years the World Cup is held., definitely, the sporting event par excellence. In this article, we will review the worst World Cups in history.

What are the worst World Cups in football history?

ITALY 1934

A World Cup organized and awarded by and for a dictatorship. Mussolini had the opportunity to use the tournament as a propaganda weapon for fascism.

in sports, the italian team, How could it be otherwise, was the champion thanks to referee aids Y, thus, Italian soccer players could breathe easy because, of not having won, who knows what would have happened to them.


Another World Cup marked by a dictatorship, this time the Videla in Argentina. The dictator tried to show a country with a very different atmosphere from the one that was really lived on the street.

Again, the champion was the host. The game that pitted Argentina against Peru in which the locals needed a victory by 4 goals to qualify. The end result was 6-1 Y, obviously, It is one of the greatest matches in the history of the World Cups..

The match between Argentina and Peru in the World 1978 It was notorious (Photo:

ITALY 1990

If there is a world for which football had to be changed, that is, definitely, the one held in Italy in the year 1990. This is the world championship with the worst average goals per game (2,2). The vast majority of teams opted for an ultra-defensive game system that made many matches very boring.

The FIFA had to take action on the matter and modify some rules. First, goalkeepers were thereafter no longer allowed to touch the ball with their hands when it came from a pass from a teammate. further, wins were now worth three points instead of two. In this way, the prize for seeking victory was greater and there was less speculation about ties.

And if that was not enough, the final between Germany Y Argentina solved with a solitaire, and controversial, penalty that gave the victory to the Germans.


in our list of the worst World Cups in history can not miss the one held in Korea and Japan in the year 2002. This World Cup was marked by the blatant refereeing aid for South Korea, especially in the round of 16 against Italy and, later, against Spain in quarters.

Spain-South Korea
The Spanish team ended up unhinged by the performance of the Egyptian referee in 2002 (Photo: as)

The Spanish were removed from the competition after the Egyptian Al-Gandoor and his assistants will annul, incomprehensibly and embarrassingly, two totally legal goals.



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