Italy 90: The drum Branco, Bilardo talk, Caniggia's goal…

Italy 90: The drum Branco, Bilardo talk, Caniggia's goal…
Maradona and Caniggia embrace after eliminating Brazil in the World 1990 (The voice)

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even today, After so many years, that Argentina Brazil corresponding to the second round of World Cup Italy 90 It sets tongues wagging. The two countries vying to be the dominant choice of America and arguably we face the great classic of the continent.

The albiceleste reached this world after leaving world champion in Mexico '86. But nevertheless, Brazilians that day, that had a cast of great players, They started as favorites. They did not have the wiles of Argentine coach, Carlos Bilardo, he had already stated that: “Still I do not know how we're going to do, but we have to invent something to stop the Brazilians”.

Branco's canister and the accusation that they put something in his water

Although it is something that has never been recognized by the Argentine coach, the truth is that there is' evidence’ Argentine drugged that some players of verdeamarela. Specifically to White, footballer number 6 that day, he took water from one of the drums that the masseuse was carrying Argentina. Troglio I was lying on the floor and had to receive assistance, While, Argentine soccer players drank several transparent bottles. But nevertheless, Brazilian drank a can of green color ‘Gatorade’.

A few minutes later, the scene was repeated. Maradona the floor and again entering serve masseurs. This time an Argentine player feints to take the green drum but fails to do so. White It seems to notice and discuss with the lineman. Since then, footballer Brazil He begins to feel dizzy and groggy, The trap has taken effect.

“They could have ended my career. It was very serious”

In several subsequent interviews, Own White He said he was drugged: “Suddenly I began to feel silly. It was very serious because it could have ended my career. Imagine that make me anti-doping test after the match”.

Years cure everything and there have been several protagonists of that story have spoken. Maradona He confirmed, half jokingly half, a television program for Argentina. Meanwhile, Ruggeri it also dropped in several interviews. The one who denies is the coach himself, who knows if ringleader of this madness, Carlos Bilardo.

Caniggia's goal and Bilardo's talk

The game ended with victory for Argentina with a solitary and historical Caniggia goal to pass Maradona. Argentina He left in the lurch Brazil and she reached the quarterfinals. That team would be able to reach the final but could not Germany who lifted the trophy and took revenge 1986. Germans, with a goal scored by penalty Andreas Brehme were champions.

Caniggia goal
Caniggia at the moment scoring the winning goal for Argentina over Brazil (

“If they keep giving it to yellow… we are going to lose”

If the party does not already have enough anecdotes and curiosities, the defender Ruggeri He told the incredible talk Billiards He gave them at halftime of the game: “We went into the locker room with 0-0 but with a bad feeling that we were being inferior to Brazil. We expected a tough talk technician. They spent 5 minutes in the dressing room no one entered. We thought we wanted to let stand a while. They spent 10 minutes and nothing. To the 13 O 14 minutes the referee touched us to the door to return to the court. We went out and shouted Bilardo was when we: “If they keep giving it to yellow… we will lose”.

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