Dreams of Carlos González Purroy

Dreams of Carlos González Purroy
CD Logroñés training season 1986-1987. Huguet, Casimiro, Comas, Martin, Purroy, Lopez-Perez. Campbell, Albis, Latapia, Angel, Sanchez-Lorenzo (Olympia on Twitter)

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It was midafternoon on a hot day in April. Due to vague directions and a GPS ambled out of date by the A-92 without a clear course. My wife and I were discussing why we were in a parking lot of a truck shop when the ring tone confrontation broke, the study of the renowned sculptor stood on the other side of the wall.

A beautiful Andalusian finca we opened its ornate metal doors remotely. At the other end of a peculiar round garden where metal statues dotting, we expected a proud sculptor who did not hesitate to teach every corner of that special place where dreams came true.


There are thousands of children who share the same dream, someday play in First division. Riddle begins too early for difficult mission, children's dreams are shattered unerringly beaten by life itself, placing each in its place. As the relentless hammer blacksmith constantly hitting an amalgam of iron to make mold.

summer 1975, pamplonés a young man looking sad caresses his dream. With scarcely 18 years and still with the smell torch embedded in their holes, Carlos González Purroy reaches Lezama aboard a truck. The Athletic Club de Bilbao It will become the adoptive home to a grateful boy who soon adapt to Bilbao. Combines training with studies in a design and art, surely something so unusual that led to the footballer himself to acknowledge that "It's rare that someone in the world of football decant for Artist"

But nevertheless, as a compact metal ingot, footballing career Purroy It was not easy to forge. A lung infection inopportune him away when he began to appear in the first team Athletic. A situation conducive for compulsory military service guide it to Leon, being the Cultural Leonesa the great graceful by adding to its workforce pamplonés. Neither had easy because on more than one occasion he was forced to disguise himself as a baker to escape the barracks and attend training.

Back in Bilbao, finally fulfill his dream debut in first division. Enjoy during two seasons with the club that molded it into a football figure.

He will return home as a great professional forged. Fulfilling his childish longing to wear the shirt of Osasuna. With the pinko club will live in first person the dream of every Pamplona, play European competition for the first time in their 65 years of history.


With a clear conscience knowing that I had achieved everything I dreamed, Purroy a professional step down and signed for a modest Logroñés second division. He was not aware that he still had to live for perhaps the most special dream.

La Rioja club, with a humble budget 170 million pesetas, He is facing the most exciting season ever. A concise template had to fight one of the longest and most absurd championships are remembered, to debut a strange invention that led to the first twelve selections to face a playoff by the rise of category.

Forty-four cumulative parties that made boots of the players in the heaviest of metals. Fortunately, the CD Logrones He had for the first time with a physical trainer on staff, something that was fundamental for the club riojano took hold as revelation team championship and reached the unimaginable rise early.

What happened that rainy afternoon at the old stadium Las Gaunas was the realization of a dream that seemed impossible to logroñeses us that could never come true ... Can you imagine that ever played Logroñés in First?, we said children sometimes, but it sounded like when we said can you imagine that Superman really existed? Nobody thought it was possible.

Ruben Ruiz. 6 June 2017

Thanks to a relentless and exhausting work, like a tireless blacksmith, the dream came true of all La Rioja. He began the golden decade of the defunct club hexagonal star, with Purroy part of a strong defense that fought to avoid, at least one of the goalposts, noventera of the mythical phrase "The goal Gaunas!”.


With 31 years the other dream that haunted head Purroy He became so great that led him to change the first division for the third and Barcelona Logroño. He joined Sant Andreu as an excuse to resume its forgotten art studies.

After getting a new category with the rise of Catalan, finally hung up his boots to fight for his unknown project. He went from the best stadiums in Spain at a modest forge shop where perfected the basics of working with metals. His objective was clear, make their hands were as nimble and thorough as were his feet.

“I do not think they are so antagonistic worlds. In the end, in the field, many artists find each other. I was lucky enough to play against Maradona, Magico Gonzalez, Iríbar and a lot of players more than enough art. I was fortunate to be in the same place as them and somehow they were able to inspire me”

Purroy. Ok Diary. 3 October 2018

Today art lovers are surprised by its last player just as the football fans rub their eyes knowing his brilliant present. Why Carlos Purroy, a handful of years after its passage by the League of the Stars, It is a famous sculptor of international renown. He has managed to put two dreams that seemed opposed, combining sport and sculpture masterfully.

Thanks to the perseverance and thoroughness, the hard work and humility, now he, who heads the hammer blows that make shaping your dreams.

“I am from a generation that is rebellious. I knew the bottleneck to be a footballer was very small, but equally small world of art. At the end do things with passion and love pays off”.

Carlos Purroy. Ok Diary. 3 October 2018

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