The day the fans of Valencia and Logroñés were twinned

The day the fans of Valencia and Logroñés were twinned
Arias and Albis, Masters of Valencia and Logroñés respectively, In the season 1987-1988 (Photo: @OlympiaVintage on Twitter)

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What would be football without the colorful and passion that put the various interests around the world? As much as some insist, fans are the great engine of the sport and history has given us many beautiful stories. Today we will discuss the origin of twinning the fans of Valencia and the sadly departed CD Logrones.

We must go back to the season 1986-1987. To everyone's surprise, the Valencia Football Club He had fallen the previous season to Second Division. Set that He had flirted with relegation a few years earlier and finally he was doomed to the silver category of Spanish football. But nevertheless, Valencia stay in second could not be briefer and just a year later managed the rise again.

led by Alfredo Di Stéfano, the Sempere, Quique, Giner, Voro, Or Fernando Subirats among others they got up a 30 May 1987 in a match against Recreativo Huelva played in Mestalla (at that time called Luis Casanova). The fans of Valencia could enjoy a victory 2-0 with goals from Subirats Y Quique Sanchez Flores. The team was already failing Primera Division 3 days to complete that famous (and strange) League playoff.

Thus, Valencia visited the mythical stadium Las Gaunas two weeks without play anything. Quite the contrary that his rival, the CD Logrones what, To everyone's surprise, She caressed the ascent to First Division in case of victory. The fans of Valencia was present that 14 June 1987 in Logroño and reception from the home crowd was most welcoming.

As expected, the CD Logrones He achieved the victory 1-0 against an opponent who did not put up much resistance. The local was much work Noly in the minute 4 party and from there… It did not happen practically nothing. In the stands fans sang home side VALENCIA, VALENCIA! and vice versa. Thus, the team at that time trained Aranguren He achieved his first ascent and accompanied the Valencia First Division.

Since that time and whenever the teams met, paellas and organized hobbies were received in the most cordial manner both in one as in another city. That was how that 14 June 1987 He came the story of a twinning well known in Spanish football which unfortunately was forgotten because of the disappearance of the club riojano.

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