Share: “It was the happiest day of my career”

Share: “It was the happiest day of my career”
Cota greets Laudrup at the end of the match that Rayo defeated at the Santiago Bernabéu (uncheck)

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Jesus Diego Share is a living legend of Vallecano Ray. The right side spent his entire career in his neighborhood team 16 seasons in the first team he debuted with only 17 years in Second B and the one he left in the First Division and with whom he came to play in European competition.

Precisely the rayista lateral counted in an interview granted to The country That was the happiest moment of his sports career since it meant the culmination of a whole process and the finishing touch to his long career with the redhead t-shirt. The rival, the very modest Constel.lació of Andorra had succumbed to a forceful 0-10 against the vallecano team in the first leg. That day Share entered the second part.


But nevertheless, the peak moment was in Vallecas, in the second leg, that a 24 August of the year 2000. That day the eternal captain jumped onto the pitch as a starter and accomplished what he had been dreaming of all his life., play a European match with the team jersey of your heart at home.

To top, Share suffered a tibia break that made him miss the entire season, but nevertheless, remember that game as the happiest moment of your career. That campaign only played two games, the first two of the club in Europe.

Although I already had 33 years at the time of that injury, the captain still had time to play 12 more games the following season where he already hung up his boots after 16 seasons and 446 matches with his club. In addition to being present in the debut of Vallecano Ray a Europe, Share He was part of the starting team in the only victory for the Vallecano club in the Santiago Bernabeu In the season 1995-1996 which meant the dismissal of the Madrid coach Jorge Valdano.

The Vallecano Ray handed him in 2014 the club's gold and brilliant insignia to recognize a whole career linked to the red stripe. But nevertheless, the former footballer, who is still linked to the veterans team, He has been disappointed on more than one occasion in an interview since he does not understand the reason why the entity has not counted on him to occupy any position on the club's organization chart.

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