Daniel Toribio Aquino, a decade goals in the Spanish League

Daniel Toribio Aquino, a decade goals in the Spanish League
Daniel Toribio Aquino in his first time at Real Murcia (20 minutes)

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Today we dedicate some lines to one of the great scorers of the year 90 in Spanish League which highlighted especially in the silver category but was also able to score first in clubs. Your name, Daniel Toribio Aquino.

born on 9 June 1965 (casually day of the Day of the Region of Murcia), the Argentine striker excelled in the ranks of Banfield where he won promotion to the First Division just scoring the final goal. This enabled him to make the leap to Europe to enlist in the ranks of Real Murcia, the club that would become the most important in the life of 'Toro'.

Murcia will fit perfectly in both the club and the city. He became the top scorer of grana set at that time militated in Second Division 15 Y 12 goals in its two first seasons (1989-1990 Y 1990-1991). In the winter market 1991-1992 he got the chance to sign for Albacete of Benito Floro First Division but failed to score more than three goals.

'Pichichi’ Second Division

His little impact in the top flight made him return to Second where exploded definitely winning two trophies first top scorer with Merida (19 goals) and then with the Real Betis (26). With set verdiblanco achieved a new promotion and enjoyed a new opportunity in the top flight where he 7 goals.

The Vallecano Ray It was the next club to knock on the door of that front that broke with his left foot and Argentina went to Vallecas where he achieved his best scoring figure in First Division (14 goals).


A season and a half in Albacete before returning to Real Murcia imperatively needed reinforcement that level to try to leave the well of Second B. Daniel Toribio Not here He had no problem going down to the bronze category to lend a hand to the club of his life. After scoring more than 30 goals in two seasons and half in the second stage with the grana shirt was achieved and Real Murcia He won promotion in 1999-2000 with veteran striker which already had 34 years.

After one more season in inferior equipment category of the Murcia region, the front hung up his boots and took root in the city. One of his sons, dubbed 'The bull’ Not here, He has followed in his footsteps and is also a professional footballer. Difficult task of overcoming the numbers of his father who was able to play 405 official matches in Spain and annotate 165 goals.


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  1. A special greeting to Daniel Aquino from Villa del Rosario, Between rivers, Argentina. I know him personally and I congratulate you for the tremendous career he has done for Spain. A big hug in the distance. Carlos

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