unionists, the best tribute to the legendary UD Salamanca

unionists, the best tribute to the legendary UD Salamanca
UD Salamanca formation of season 1974-1975 Huerta, Iglesias, boats, Rezza, Juanjo and D'Alessandro up and Alvarez, Pita, Victor, Rial and Sanchez Barrios down (retrofootball)

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This time we wanted to remind the UD Salamanca, a historic club that football business prevailing today in Spain in the year ended 2013. But nevertheless, conducting our research to carry out the article we realized that the best tribute would take place every week their own fans as explained below.

We will not go into the details of what happened in the Salamanca city to let die to that legendary club, What is clear is that could have been avoided if they had been left aside personal interests of the then largest shareholder of the entity Juan Jose Hidalgo.

The historic UD Salamanca

Focusing on the history of the club charro, we note that was founded in 1923 and he lived its heyday in the early 70 in which he scored his first promotion to the First Division of the hand of the technical José Luis García Traid under the chairmanship of José Luis Paniagua. That team was not content to make the leap to the top flight of Spanish football season 1973-1974 but the next fight managed to enter European places and finished in seventh place (their best ever position).

That site formed between other by D´Alessandro in goal, Rezza in defense or Rial attack charra did enjoy the hobby for many seasons in which the club remained in First Division (until 7 consecutively). In fact, In the season 1976-1977 the UD Salamanca He also reached the semifinals of the Cup but was eliminated by the Athletic Club de Bilbao.

In the campaign 1980-1981 the decline occurs to Second Division but the team returns immediately to hand elite coach Manuel Villarroya Getting stay next year. Finally the 1983-1984 a new reduction to Second Division produced and subsequently to Second B.

The ascent of Carlos Belmonte

The second golden age of charro club reaches mid 90. With Hidalgo President and Juanma Lillo on the bench, the UD Salamanca wins two consecutive promotions from Second B to First Division. In memory of all salmantinos fans will forever promoting rise against Albacete. In the first leg won by Mancha 0-2 in Helmántico, but nevertheless, in return the Carlos Belmonte Salamanca thrashed 0-5 in a historic match.

The return to first was short-lived and fell again but, As in the first descent, the team overcame quickly and immediately returned to the elite this time with Andoni Goikoetxea as coach. They will remember for the great victories against Barça by 4-3 one he 5-4 against Atletico without forgetting the historical 6-0 against Valencia, all in El Helmántico.

Unionists Salamanca

But nevertheless, everything is over and the end came, as we said at the beginning of the article, in summer 2013. But just at that moment of deep pain for all fans of UDS and surely motivated by it, He was born a new club to pay homage: Salamanca Unionistas CF.

Unionists Salamanca
Unionists shield with the Latin phrase “ad astra per aspera” (through effort, the triumph) and the year of foundation and liquidation of the UDS (Photo: unionists)

The philosophy of this club It must be the great hope for the future of those who love the authentic football, that of our parents and grandparents. unionists departs from what today rots our beloved sport and unfortunately ended the UD Salamanca. Promotes sport, the good vibes between hobbies, the work of the quarry (It has twenty inferior equipment) and above all it maintains that the club is in the hands of its partners are the sole and authentic owners and vote. A new movement known as popular football that exists in most cities of Spain, Unfortunately, They have also suffered in the flesh dissolving their clubs.

In this way and away from foolish controversies, the fans, players, coaching staff and employees Salamanca Unionistas CF work every day to honor the UD Salamanca and stops D'Alessandro and Stelea, Elegance Rezza, kind of Giovanella and goals Pauleta not be forgotten that There was a single Union.


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