Simultaneous marker dart, a revolution in stadiums

Simultaneous marker dart, a revolution in stadiums
Image simultaneous Dardo marker (Photo: The vanguard)

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Today we have a technology that allows us to be instantly informed through the various applications of our mobile phone (as bet365) From the results, goals and incidents of all parties in the world in real time. But nevertheless, there was a time, back in the 50 onwards, that all this was made possible by a much cruder but equally effective system: simultaneous marker dart.

Most veterans will remember in Spanish stadiums. This system’ It was imported from Argentina which had been used a few years ago. First should contextualize. In those years 50, 60… all day league matches on Sunday afternoon vied (initially to 16 and shortly after the 17 hours), except that Saturday's game was televised First strand TVE.

Thus, the day Sunday was a great thrill as the carousel goals, penalties, expulsions and all kinds of incidents in each of the fields Spanish First and Second Division was continuous. The parties had a great interest also because it was extremely unusual amateur who had not sealed one football pools (at that time they did not exist in Spain houses nor sports betting bonus as today).


A) Yes, There were two options to be informed of all results. On one side were the famous' transistors’ with which one could hear through the radio. But nevertheless, Although it sounds incredible today, this apparatus was not available to anyone so simultaneous marker dart It was the preferred choice for the vast majority of fans.

And what was this marker? Very easy. Like is logic, in each of the Spanish stadiums he had a marker. At, They could be a series of 'advertisers’ with a result in his locker. Thus, Danone, Liqueur 43, Flex, Whisky DYC, etc… religiously they paid to appear. With them, One result of one of the parties at stake.

But how to know which party referred each advertisers? This is where the other business was business. Fans should buy the newspaper which published the key. In this way, the Vermouth Cinzano it could be, for example, the Córdoba-Real Madrid and the Reloj Radiant that day corresponded to a Real Betis-Athletic Club de Bilbao.

But anyone who thinks that things end there is very wrong. Slowly simultaneous marker dart He began to show more and more information from the parties at stake. a telephone switchboard in which telemarketers instantly reported incidences of each of the stages was created and quickly to scorekeepers who were responsible for placing this information on the label is warned.

For example, through different colored arrows informing whether the parties were in the first part, at rest or in the second. But not only that, also it reported if there was an expulsion, a penalty, an injured player or, even, if the match had been suspended among many other things.

Simultaneous marker Dardo
The sheet with the keys had to get to follow the league game through simultaneous marker dart (Photo: skyscrapercity


It was from World Spain in the year 1982 when they began to install electronic markers that ended simultaneous marker dart which it marked a revolution in the way we live the football stadium journey from your favorite team itself. A memory that will certainly bring a lot of nostalgia to the veterans and sound to the younger Chinese.

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