The Spanish wearing Barca

The Spanish wearing Barca
The Spanish FC with Barca jersey, Regional champion Andalusia 1916 (Photo: Football and beyond)

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Football history is full of curiosities. Today we will talk about a team that came back in 1910 and he had a short but intense and successful existence: the Spanish FC.

This team, that has nothing to do with the RCD Espanyol, He was born through the efforts of several members of the upper bourgeoisie gaditana. By then, in the early twentieth century, football was beginning to take its first steps in Spain and there were already several teams but there were no official competitions.


The Spanish FC Cadiz It was registered as a sports society 22 May 1911 endorsed by the Real Club Nacional shot Cadiz City. curiously, his shirt was Barca and became the most important equipment of the Andalusian city because of the large financial support and sports facilities provided that the club shooting. Without going further, the football field where he played his games, known as “Field of bullets”.

In the season 1915-1916 the Spanish FC He achieved a historic milestone, becoming the first champion of Andalusia. The team traveled to Seville to compete against Sevilla FC, Málaga FC Y Recreativo de Huelva in the first Andalusian regional championship. After winning the first semifinal at Malaga by 2-0 Host surprised in the final by beating 1-2, with goals from Arrabal and Pasquín. The team was welcomed in style in Cádiz.

That was the height of the short history of the club Cadiz from there was losing weight because of some differences with Shooting Club he created his own football club having to move to the Spanish Field Ana de Viya.

Gradually teams like Cádiz FC and the Mirandilla (that years later they would be united to form the present Cádiz CF) were eating away land from the Spanish that was weakening gradually until disappear permanently in 1928.

Nonetheless, you can always say that the whole españolista was the first team of Cadiz in participating in an official competition and win. It was also the representative club of the city and the most hegemony from 1911 until 1928.

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