Football remains the most popular sport to bet on

Football remains the most popular sport to bet on
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Despite the boom that many other sports are having when it comes to placing sports bets on them, The truth is that the king of sports is still football. Something that is easy to check if we take a look at some of the main bookmakers in the market, such as Betway or to the different statistics that the General Directorate of Gaming frequently publishes regarding the amounts bet and the sports in which they are played, football being the wealthiest.

To understand this phenomenon, it is enough to be able to know the reasons why soccer is one of the favorite sports in our country.. This is precisely what we are going to analyze next., adding some interesting details as well to note about it.

The importance of football in Spain

If we talk about the biggest European Football League, many people will not answer that it is Spanish. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the most successful teams on an international level and also attract thousands of fans from all over the world, including those from Spain. Something that attracts many people interested in enjoying the games of this league, many of them taking care of making sports bets to try their luck and thus obtain an extra with the results of these and the other participating teams.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that the number of football licenses in Spain is more than considerable, being the favorite sport among the citizens. Something to which the numerous peñas and other informal teams are also added, not federated, who also dedicate one day a week to playing a game with friends and enjoying sports.

The tradition of betting on football

Another very prominent aspect that is not always present in other countries when analyzing the football betting market is related to the existing tradition in Spain when it comes to making predictions.. We talk about the football pool, which was officially created back in the year 1946, with the start of the league 46-47. This pool is very easy to fill by anyone, since it is enough to predict what will be the result of each of the 15 parties that currently includes. These are distributed as follows, as necessary.

  • 8 O 9 La Liga First Division matches and 6 O 7 Second Division matches
  • The Spanish National Team Match, 4 international and 10 of Second when there are selections.
  • 15 Champions League matches
  • 15 King's Cup matches
  • 15 other league games, usually in summer

But nevertheless, These bets go even further than the official pool or the current bets that we can make through the network or in the physical bookmakers that we have in many places.. We talk about the rocks, common in bars and other establishments where customers usually bet on the specific result of one or two League matches. In fact, these peñas were the pioneers of the soccer pool that would come later, as we have mentioned before.

The current offer

As the third and last element of the importance of football when making sports bets, it is important to talk about the offer offered by the different bookmakers. This feedback phenomenon means that these houses offer a large number of football leagues and events to bet on, which consequently attract new players.. further, until the ban, many soccer teams have been sponsored by sportsbooks, which has also served to increase that presence in the fields and make soccer an even more attractive sport for bettors.


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