Liverpool champion European Cup by beating Real Madrid in the final

Liverpool champion European Cup by beating Real Madrid in the final
Moment in which the referee signals the end of the match (Photo: Sport)

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Reached the final in Paris two very different teams. The Liverpool, who was European champion in the final 1977 Y 1978 and it would be after this of 1981 and in 1984. A very powerful team that had high level players like Kenny Dalglish, Alann Kennedy, Graeme Souness, David Johnson O Sammy Lee.

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid he had planted himself in the final with a less talented team than usual and with ‘hard-working players’ football that had surprised by eliminating in the semifinals the Inter de Milan. It was the Madrid of ‘los Garcías’ (García Cortés, García Navajas…) and that it had players like Camacho, Santillana, Stielike, Juanito or self Vicente del Bosque, all of them trained by Vujadin Boskov.

The 27 May 1981 they faced each other in the Parc des Princes in Paris both sets. Serbian coach of Real Madrid He decided to propose a very closed match with individual brands to try to stop a very offensive team like that one. Liverpool directed by Bob Paisley. Even Camacho was in charge of chasing across the field to Souness, one of the most talented footballers in the group red.

Liverpool champion of Europe

The match was fairly even with very few occasions for both squads. All white he hardly had a chance in his own boots Camacho than in front of the goalkeeper Ray Clemence threw a petroleum jelly that went over the crossbar. It was very late, in the minute 82, when the Liverpool left back Alan Kennedy, taking advantage of a mistake behind Madrid, he threw a whiplash with his left foot to which the Spanish goalkeeper could do nothing Agustin.

For many years that was the opportunity missed by him. Real Madrid to win one European Cup in color, after having won the 6 that the club was awarded over the years 60. It was not until 1998 that the merengue club once again had the opportunity to raise 'The seventh’ and from there many others, but without any doubt, that final lost in 1981 it marked a generation of both fans and footballers of the white club.

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