Why Pele never played in Europe

Why Pele never played in Europe
Skin, for many the best player ever, He never played in any European league (Photo: Pinterest)

For many it is the best player in football history. But nevertheless,others argue that at club level his career was disappointing as it never left his beloved Brazil (except in his retirement golden in the United States in the ranks of the New York Cosmos). But, What was the real reason Skin He never played in Europe?

As stated in Brian Winter in his book “Skin, because football matters”, the crack itself stated that, like is logic, were several European clubs who tried to sign him on many occasions but always rejected all offers: “I never raised seriously leave Brazil. I loved the rice and beans that prepared my mom, I felt comfortable and very happy in Brazil. My parents lived next to my house, the temperature was always 25 degrees and had the beach next. What else could ask?”.


Throughout his career were several occasions when the Real Madrid He came close to signing Skin. As the protagonist himself explains, both white assembly as AC Milan European clubs were made greater efforts to take over its services but the '10’ Brazil always had very clear. Santiago Bernabeu in person he tried to convince him up to three times (1959, 1961 Y 1963), but he always got the same answer: “Thank you very much president, it is an honor for me that he wants me to play for Real Madrid, but I want to continue living in my country, in the Santos, with my parents by the side”.

Pele never played in Europe but after 18 years in the Santos (with whom he won the Copa Libertadores Y the Intercontinental Cup among many other titles) and he retired had some financial problems that made him reconsider the fact returning to football and accept one of the many offers that had. Despite having already 35 years, again several European clubs wanted to sign him but at that age decided to accept the offer of Cosmos US.

As Pele himself commented in an interview in the Daily Telegraph: “Always I ask me why I never played in Europe. I felt very well in Brazil and Santos was the team of my life. Only at the end of my career I accepted to play in the Cosmos in a city like New York as an experience and to promote football in the country. further, we clinics for children and learned English, if not… I would never have left Brazil”.

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