The curious history of Argentina's jerseys at the World Cup 1986

The curious history of Argentina's jerseys at the World Cup 1986
The Argentina shirt with which Maradona scored his two legendary goals against England went down in history (Infobae)

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The World Cup in Mexico 1986 is one of the most remembered by all. Great matches, magnificent selections and, especially, a great Maradona who led the albiceleste to victory. But nevertheless, today we are going to stop at Argentina jerseys in that World Cup, specific, those used by the team in their game against England.

Surely every good football fan remembers the blue shirt with which Maradona marked those two famous goals in the quarterfinals of the World Cup against the English. As well, that shirt is special for other reasons apart from Diego's exhibitions.

Before starting the World 1986, Billiards ordered the AFA leaders to Argentina jerseys They were thinner and more breathable than normal so that their players did not suffer excessively from the heat and exhaustion due to the altitude conditions and high temperatures that they would find in Mexico. The leaders of the AFA, they commissioned the sports brand, T-shirts with the requirements that the technician asked and with them the albiceleste started the World Cup.

Everything was in order until the round of 16, Argentina had to face Uruguay and because of the similarity of their colors, they had to play with the second kit. At the end of the match, the Argentine players were drenched in sweat from the fabric of the blue jersey, which was much thicker and uncomfortable than the one in the first shirt. Billiards complained to the federation and said they would no longer play with the blue T-shirt, that they should look for another.

Bilardo and Maradona
Bilardo and Maradona in that historic World Cup in Mexico 1986 (Infobae)


Days later, in quarterfinals, the albiceleste was facing England, in one of the most famous matches in World Cup history. Due to the white color of the English jersey, Argentina had to return to play with the blue jersey for the second time in a row and that to Billiards he was not amused.

Two days before the game, the technician met with several AFA leaders to clarify the issue. He ordered all Argentina jerseys with which his boys had to play, took out a pair of scissors and began to make holes in all of them. According to him, It was a method to help lose weight and a way for players not to suffer excessively from humidity and high temperature, but he was really destroying the shirts so that the utilleros would have to find one that he liked more.

Just 48 hours before the game, the utilleros had to find a blue T-shirt with the Le Coq Sportif logo that meets the requirements of Billiards. They searched and searched all the stores in the city where the selection was concentrated and only found a couple of blue models with the brand that the albiceleste wore. They took those shirts to the concentration so that the technician gave his verdict and of course, he said they weren't worth.

At that moment it appeared Maradona in the room where they were checking the shirts and, to the surprise of Billiards, Diego said that he thought they were beautiful and that he wanted to play with them. Of course, This fact made the Argentine coach completely change his mind. Argentina already had a new shirt to play the game against England, but it was necessary to embroider the shield and place the numbers, to only 24 hours to start the game.

The day of the meeting was a complete chaos in the concentration. Several female workers America they spent it embroidering all the shields, but the numbers were missing. These were obtained thanks to an American football club in the area, who offered to give several to the selection. The numbers were glitter stickers, typical of American football clubs, so they weren't especially pretty, but there was no other option, there was no time.

Maradona England
Maradona celebrates victory against England (The graphic)

Argentina took to the field with their new shirts, with the shield half, without the characteristic laurels and with some too showy numbers. All this without knowing that they were about to play the most remembered game in their history. 90 minutes later, and after 2 of the most memorable goals in World Cup history, no one remembered the calvary of the t-shirts. Argentina he was in the semifinals and days later he would be champion. Billiards had gotten away with it.

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