'Crazy’ Abreu, the footballer who wore the most shirts in the history of football

'Crazy’ Abreu, the footballer who wore the most shirts in the history of football
The Crazy Abreu, a very peculiar footballer (The newspaper)

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Although his full name is Washington Sebastián Abreu Gallo, the truth is that we all knew him as Loco Abreu.

Abreu's non-goal

Natural from Minas, the Uruguayan soccer player came to our screens in the years 90 when it became popular (today we would say viral) a video of him missing a blundering goal with the shirt of San Lorenzo de Almagro. Since then, Abreu became a well-known name not only in South America, where he was already famous, but also in Europe.

The Uruguayan striker's career is guinnes record, literally. The Crazy Abreu played in a total of 32 teams which helped him to receive this badge of footballer who wore the most shirts ahead of the German Lutz Pfannenstiel.

The list of clubs that had Abreu in their ranks is very long: Defensor Sporting, San Lorenzo, Deportivo La Coruna, Guild, Tecos, National, Blue Cross, America club, Gold of Sinaloa, Monterrey, saint Louis, Tigers, River Plate, Betar of Jerusalem, Real society, Aris of Thessaloniki, Botafogo, Figuerirense, Rosario Central, Aucas, Sun of America, Holy button, bangu, Central Spanish, Sports Puerto Montt, Bold Italiano, Sports Magellan, Rio Branco, Boston River, Athletic Club MG, South America and Olympia de Minas, Crazy, never better said.

further, the Uruguayan attacker, defended the jersey of his country in 70 games in which he was able to score a total of 27 goals. It was present in two World (2002 Y 2010) and in a Copa America (2011) which won.

Taking a look at the list of teams he played for Abreu, we observe great and historical ones from both South America and Europe. In his list of winners, several important titles stand out, achieved both in Argentina and in Uruguay and Brazil..

Uruguay – Ghana

One of the most important moments of his career occurred in the penalty shoot-out between Uruguay and Ghana at the World Cup in South Africa in the year 2010. The Crazy Abreu he was in charge of executing the maximum penalty that could be definitive in case the striker scored. True to his nickname, the charrúa chose to throw to the Doll qualifying for the semifinals to his country, which would finish in third position that World Cup.

Finally, The Crazy Abreu hung up the boots 45 years. He is currently a coach, We will see if his career as a coach is as long as that of a footballer..


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