The day Alan Ball went out to play with white boots

The day Alan Ball went out to play with white boots
Alan Ball you out to play with his boots painted white (sports vice)

Last update August 7, 2020 by Javier Argudo

Today we are more than accustomed (or rather resigned) to footballers-fitting colored boots the most extravagant and you could say that even ridiculous. Gone are the dark of life that gave a touch of authenticity and romanticism of yesteryear football. But few know that it all started in football so careful with the purity of the sport like English where a player jumped into the field with a White boots.

In 1970, the German mark Hummel I wanted to break into the English market and this should give a bombshell. He contacted one of the great players of the time, Alan Ball, player Everton who had proclaimed World champion for England in 1966. The goal was to bring the player boots with the brand logo at the end of the Charity Shield against him Chelsea.

The problem is that the firm had not yet made special boots for football so he took his Adidas lifelong painted white with logo Hummel overprinted. Botch that served as temporary solution. From there, the brand began selling white boots Alan Ball and he achieved a great success by planting the seeds of colors fever exists in football today.

More of 12.000 white pairs were sold on Monday after the party between Everton and the Chelsea although black remained the predominant color for many years, We demand something from here.

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