Germany '74: The World Cup football owes Netherlands

Germany '74: The World Cup football owes Netherlands
Cruyff shows his joy after the victory 4-1 Holland on Bulgaria which meant the pass to the next phase (Photo: Masahide Tomikoshi)

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One of the most repeated phrases in the world of football is: “Nobody remembers the runner”. But nevertheless, in the case of the selection of Holland in the World 1974, baptized with the name 'The Oranje’, that's not true.

In fact, for many the winner of this World Cup was the Dutch team. Not only morally, it was, but many people really thinks so incorrectly.

Tulips had managed to qualify for their third finals after 36 years. thus says, They were not favorites on paper, much less.

'Clockwork Orange', A PERFECT MACHINE

But nevertheless, the combination of Netherlands He was oiling the machinery and managed, with Johan Cruyff absolute leader, qualify for the second phase after overcoming the first beating liguilla Uruguay Y Bulgaria (2-0 Y 4-1 respectively) and yielding a draw against Sweden (0-0).

The challenge posed much more complicated in the second group stage with Brazil, East Germany Y Argentina. But Holland He displayed his potential and ran over his opponents like a real roller.

In the first game the Dutch defeated by a resounding 4-0 a Argentina. Then he was one of the host, East Germany which fell 2-0, which he suffered the same result Brazil, He is defending the champion obtained in 1970.

Thus, Holland It was planted on the end with a balance of five wins and a tie with 14 goals for and only one against.

Germany vs Netherlands

The final, played at the Munich Olympic Stadium a 7 July 1974 should face Cruyff's Netherlands against Beckenbauer's Germany. This confrontation was born a great sporting rivalry while a huge friendship on a personal level.

Cruyff y Beckenbauer
Cruyff and Beckenbauer great duel staged the World Cup 1974 (

Germany, and playing at home, It is always a tough opponent but the big football had deployed 'The Oranje’ They made her a favorite. And if that was not enough, two minutes into the game without the Germans had touched the ball, Cruyff It was shot down in the area. Neeskens was commissioned to write the 0-1 for Dutch.

But nevertheless, the competitiveness of German is beyond doubt and more rigorous penalty (if not nonexistent) put the tables on the scoreboard. Finally, one goal Muller, the insatiable goalscorer, World Cup gave the Germans and left without title to the Cruyff Holland, Neeskens and Co.

It is true that football can not speak of justice, but Dutch national team that ran out cup is like Pele Brazil 1970, Maradona's Argentina 1986 or Iniesta in Spain 2010 They would not have had their reward.

For many, Cruyff's Netherlands He was the winner of this World 1974 for that style of play that revolutionized the world of football. Shame on the list of champions that team does not appear and that huge player, for many The best of all time.

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7 thoughts on “Germany '74: The World Cup football owes Netherlands

  1. It is true, and despite being very germanófilo, I must admit two things:

    1° The Dutch Selection 1974 It was the best football team ever seen, always imitated, never equaled.
    2° Johann Kruyff by far is the most complete player of all time.

    Give heart is my favorite selection!


  3. If Cruyff had not vetoed Van der Kuijlen and especially Van Beveren (PSV goalkeeper, infinitely better than Jongbloed) they probably would have won. He was also responsible for kicking out the Hungarian coach who had qualified them for the World Cup (by the way, thanks to a legal goal disallowed against Belgium in Amsterdam) and put his little friend Michels in his place.
    Cruyff is the one who owes a World Cup to the Netherlands, not football.

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