world 1950: The Maracanazo and T-shirt 'damn’ from Brazil

world 1950: The Maracanazo and T-shirt 'damn’ from Brazil
Formation of Brazil in the World 1950. The footballers wear their white shirt that was considered cursed after the 'Maracanazo'' (Diario de Sevilla)

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It was, definitely, one of the hardest blows for a host team in football history. Since then, the best team of all time decided even change the color of your shirt when considering it was cursed. Obviously, the 'Maracanazo’ He marked a before and after for an entire country.

That appointment was marked in the calendar of all Brazilian soccer fans who live with a passion and fervor unique worldwide. The combo led by coach Flavio Costa It was the favorite in the Betting house to take the title of champion at the World. After 14 years without the tournament held due to World War II, there were still more eager football.


Brazil He had an impressive new stadium with capacity for more than 200.000 viewers. Maracana impressed and would only see, logically, chosen to host the grand finale. The way of the hosts to the title seemed tailor-made because teams like Argentina They resigned to attend the event, others like Germany O Hungary in the postwar period they were not. Italy, yes participated, It was greatly reduced after Superga air tragedy where they had died 18 Great players Torino which formed the backbone of the selection.

One of the few teams that sowed some fear was England. The inventors of football finally deigned to participate in a World (they did before considering that they were superior to all other selections). But nevertheless, They were overcome by an all ashen as the United States, a country plagued team of amateur footballers.

With this background, Brazil Y Uruguay They braved the last game Maracana. Locals would be champions if they win but also served them tie. Uruguayan, so, They were forced to beat to lift the Cup. A very complicated task considering the environment and the fact that everything seemed ready for the title stay home.

What happened that 16 July 1950 It is part of history. Brazil, who managed to take the lead, He ended up losing against all odds against the Uruguayan national team. Goals from Juan Alberto Schiaffinio and Alcides Ghiggia They served to overcome the initial both Brazilian Friaça. The Maracanazo It was a fact.

Since then the white shirt Brazil He was accused of being cursed and the combined happened to use the mythical 'canarinha’ or 'verdeamarela’ that has brought so much success to the most successful team in history (5 won world).

DAMN Manchester United shirt

In case of Brazil It is not the only one in the history of football. Football players Manchester United they rebelled in the year 1996 against their gray away kit. Los ‘Red Devils’ They marched leaders Premier League but every time I used the alternative shirt were defeated. At halftime of a game they lost by 3-0 they refused to return to the field with this shirt. They managed to prevent them from falling more goals, the end result was 3-1.

Camiseta Manchester United
The bloody shirt worn by Manchester United in the season 1995-1996 (Photo: futbolete)

Finally, that season 1995-1996, the Manchester United (and without his gray shirt jinx) was able to win the Premier League and also FA Cup. yes, club officials had to deal with the sports brand wearing the team and fans who had acquired shirt to price 60 pounds of the time.


That of Manchester United is not an isolated case. In the season 2002-2003 the Deportivo La Coruna had a real great team that disputed neither more nor less than the Champions League. Galician premiered a special shirt for the occasion where orange was the predominant color. The experience could not be worse. The team led by Irureta soap dispensers Monaco lost in a humiliating 8-3 where it is one of the results bulkier history of the competition.

Amavisca, with the damn shirt Depor, after falling 8-3 in Monaco (The voice of Galicia)

Like is logic, shirt that stopped being used forever. Al Depor It did very well without it since it reached the semifinals (was eliminated against Porto Mourinho that would be the champion).

These cases show that the football world is full of superstitions both as regards the players as coaches or leaders. Without going further, Luis Aragones always he recognized his phobia yellow because he considered bringing bad luck. Precisely in his time as coach Spain He said more than once that did not make him any grace a T-shirt of this color as presented for national team European Championship 2008 in which, curiously, Spaniards were champions.

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