The five teams that own the European Cups

The five teams that own the European Cups
Bayern is one of the teams that owns the European Cup. PHOTO:

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Throughout history there is a short list of 22 teams that have won the European Cup since it started in 1955 until the present Champions League. But much smaller is the group of clubs that own the trophy., only five have achieved it.

Who are the teams that own European Cups??

The first team to achieve this is the club that has won it the most times., the real Madrid. In the season 1968/69 it was decided that the team that achieved a cycle of three consecutive championships or five in alternate years would obtain the original trophy given by UEFA. And at that time they had already achieved it, since at that time their showcases added six glasses and five of them consecutive at the start of the competition, led by Alfredo Di Stéfano. It was the trophies of 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959. 1960 Y 1966.

The next team to do so was Johan Cruyff's historic Ajax who won three consecutive European Cups in the early 1970s., between 1971 Y 1973. Those of Amsterdam passed the witness to another group that got the same machado. We are talking about Bayern Munich headed by Franz Beckenbauer who reigned in the old continent between 1974 Y 1976.

The new format of the Champions League and the change towards the emblem

With the arrival of the new competition format, it was two other teams who also kept the original trophy.. AC Milan already achieved it in the second edition of the Champions League, in 1994. That was his fifth title after those of 1963, 1969 and the doublet of 1989 Y 1990 from the unforgettable team led by Sacchi.

And the last club that managed to keep the original of the cup was Liverpool. The trophy went to the Beatles town in 2005, after the final won on penalties precisely at AC Milan. That was the fifth championship of the English after those added in 1977, 1978, 1981 Y 1984.

The validity of the power of this select quintet is demonstrated with the presence of three of these five teams in the quarterfinals of the Champions League., that start this next Tuesday. Real Madrid y Liverpool, that they play with each other, and Bayern will look for a good Champions League result today to give joy to their hobbies and continue towards the final where they can advance in their cycle.

After the achievement of the English there will no longer be cups owned, since in the season 2008/09 there was a modification of the regulations. Since then, UEFA has only given replicas of the trophy. yes, If a club achieves a cycle with three consecutive Champions or five alternates, they receive the possibility of wearing an honorary emblem with a patch on the shirt. From that moment on, two cycles have been completed. FC Barcelona completed five victories with that of 1992 and the four of the Leo Messi era in 2006, 2009, 2011 Y 2015.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid completed another cycle after 1967 adding the Champions of 1998, 2000, 2002, 2014 Y 2016. And the Cristiano Ronaldo era continued with the titles of 2017 Y 2018, that technically they were already from a new cycle.

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