Champions League Winter Spanish

Champions League Winter Spanish
The Royal Society of Nihat, Kovacevic Peter and ended the first lap in first position in the season 2002-2003 (The Journal)

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In several countries, mainly from South America, It is customary to divide the championship in two with a champion Apertura and Clausura another. But nevertheless, in Spain winter champions they are symbolically.

Since its inception in the season 1928-1929, League He has had a handful of winter champions even though, as with the champion league, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have been the most times have gotten far.

But nevertheless, Today we will focus on several cases that attract attention and have found very commendable and worthy of analysis.

RCD Espanyol and Real Sociedad

Two curious cases star in the RCD Espanyol and the Real society. Both have managed to be winter champions three times but none of the three won the league title at the end of season.

The Catalans became champion in the first round of the seasons 1932-1933, 1939-1940 Y 1952-1953 but eventually he succumbed in the second part of the competition.

In the case of parakeets still hurts more because He has never managed to be champions, something she achieved Real society In the season 1980-1981 Y 1981-1982. In both campaigns donostiarras had to overcome to Atletico Madrid Y FC Barcelona respectively.

The team white-blue Winter was champion in the 1930-1931, 1933-1934 Y 2002-2003. In the first two champions season finale was his arch rival, the Athletic Club. The latest is still remembered with this team of players Nihat, From Pedro, Karpin O Kovacevic who fought the league until the last moment to Real Madrid of the Galacticos.


The Real Betis chiquitas did not beat about the campaign 1934-1935, the best ever. The set Betis managed to become champion winter and remained in first position also on the last day and getting the only league title in its history.

Meanwhile, the Sevilla, was champion of League in season 1945-1946 but that campaign was not leading at the end of the first lap something that did get in 1940-1941 Y 1950-1951 but in both cases the Atletico Madrid He ended up winning the title.

By last, the Deportivo La Coruna He got in the season 1999-2000 their only league championship. That same year managed to finish in first place the first round.

The rest of winter champions are more common. As we said at the beginning of the article, Real Madrid and Barcelona are dominant but have also been winter champions three teams fighting to be the third club in Spain, Atletico Madrid, Athletic Club de Bilbao and Valencia


We would not end this article without remembering the Real Oviedo, Sporting Gijon and Celta Vigo who managed to finish runners-up winter with the same points as the champion but with an inferior goal difference.

Carbayón got the whole season 1962-1963 tied on points with Real Madrid. The Real Sporting He did the same in the campaign 1978-1979 in which again the Merengues was first at the end of the first round. By last, the Celtic He tied to points in the first position with the FC Barcelona in the 1998-1999.



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