When the Levante made a 'little hand’ Barca in Vallejo (5-1)

When the Levante made a 'little hand’ Barca in Vallejo (5-1)
Barça formation that was defeated by 5-1 at the Vallejo Stadium against Levante in 1964 (equiposdefútbol2.blogspot.com)

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It is one of the greatest feats in the history of the Levante UD. The whole granota endorsed him a 'little hand’ to the almighty FC Barcelona in the stadium Vallejo.

There was a 11 October 1964. One of the greats of League that a season before he had suffered a great deal to get rid of a newly promoted such as the Levante whom he defeated by a spectacular 4-5.

The Barça with white t-shirt (due to color matching with rival) formed with Sadurní in goal and Eladio, Olivella, Foncho, Fusté, Pereda, Torrent, Vergés, Cayetano Ré (that a year before he had destroyed Levante with a hattrick), Seminary and Zaballa as field players. All of them led by Cesar Rodriguez that he would be dismissed after that game.

Meanwhile, the whole granota came out with Fernández in goal and Calpe, Gatell, Victoriero, Cashew, Carlos, Vidal, Serafín, Wanderley, Torrents and Domínguez. Orizaola I was the coach at that time.


In a dreamy first part, the locals managed to leave with an advantage of 3-0 the score. Within seven minutes of the ball rolling, Torrents was ahead of Levante. Two more goals from Wanderley in the minute 18 Y 32 respectively, they left the fans present in the stands of the mythical Levantine stadium speechless.

In the second half the avalanche of granota game did not stop. Two goals from Serafín in the minutes 51 Y 60 they completed ‘The little hand’. The culé team did not know how to stop the envestidas of their rival and the win was beginning to be scandal.

From there, the local team took their foot off the gas. The Barça scored a goal, work of Fusté, and the marker no longer moved. The 5-1 definitive went down in history as one of the greatest feats of the Levante what In the season 2017-2018 repeated again (this time with a tight 5-4) being the only team capable of defeating Barça that campaign.

That distant season 1964-1965 neither of the two teams managed to meet their objectives. The Levante relegated to Second Division after contesting the promotion against Malaga while the Barça came in a disappointing sixth position.

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