Discovering football stadiums – Tania Martin

Discovering football stadiums – Tania Martin

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Know football stadiums on each trip it is an increasingly common practice among lovers of this sport. Knowing all about the places where real battles take place on the pitch is as exciting as it is enriching.. We travel hand in hand Tania Martin ( through the soccer fields of Europe and we know what happens to this and other sports in the United States, Cuba…

Tania Martin

We take a tour of the best known infrastructures of the most famous leagues in the world, and also for those fields that are not so recognized a priori. Generally the latter have a special charm that is yet to be discovered by many. Y, with data, we encourage you to do it sooner rather than later.

We look out onto large spaces that are part of the Premier League, Bundesliga, A series, Eastern European leagues and, Of course, to national sports attractions. further, We also crossed the Atlantic to discover the most successful sports in the United States and its spectacular stadiums; as well as what happens with soccer in Latin American countries.


After touring various countries and visiting different fields, some of the most striking, not only for their appearance but for everything they hide are:

Upton Park. Soccer and him are synonyms. He is one of the most football players in his great stands; for the special charm of the neighborhood and for the history behind it.

Allianz Arena. The revolution in the world of sport made stadium.

Stadium Vasil Levski From Sofia. As soon as you enter, you will fall in love with its incredible views.

Stadium Ernst Happel. Fernando Torres' goal that gave Spain the Eurocup 2008 make it a must see.


Stadium From light. A true Champions stadium.

San Siro. Going to Milan and not seeing San Siro is like not trying Italian pasta on your trip.

Stadium Olimpico in Rome. If you like football, you have to know this field and everything around it.

RheinEnergieStadion. Its curious exterior appearance will make you think that you are visiting anything but a stadium ...

This is not everything. further, We will tell you if we watch matches from the NBA in New York it's worth it, so you can prepare your trip to the city that never sleeps with homework done; Or why soccer in Cuba could not be enjoyed on television until a very short time ago. The sport is full of curiosities that we love to discover.

Definitely, sport in general, and soccer in particular, they keep within themselves the most exciting stories ever told. Until now.

Do you want to know what they are the largest soccer stadiums in the world? Or why Upton Park it was such a special field for fans? We try to solve these and many other unknowns unknown to many, through these trips.

We travel to continue including stadiums in the backpack Are you coming?

Tania Martin

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