Why Italy shirt is blue?

Why Italy shirt is blue?
Marco Tardelli celebrates his goal in the World Cup final in Spain 1982 who won Italy (Digital freedom)

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T-Shirt Italy is one of the most famous and emblematic of the history of football. As it happens with other selections, the Azzurri not used as the main color of its elastic none of those in their flag (verde, White and red). We analyze the origin of the 'Blue'.

Initially, Italy shirt was White color. Like many other equipment, this election was because it was cheap and easy to make. But nevertheless, Italians will soon begin to use light blue shirts which was darkening over the years until the World 1934, in which Italy hosted, and we could see the classic blue of this selection.

During fascism, Italy played a game completely black both Olympic Games 1936 held in Berlin as in the party that faced him France at World 1938. Although they were rarely and the usual shirt was still blue.

The reason T-Shirt Italy It has been this color for almost all of its history is because blue is the color of the banner of Savoy royal family, kings of Italy from the unification of the country. Usually, blue shirt and white pants first kit usually alternated with white shirt and blue pants for alternative clothing.


However there is another color story T-Shirt Italy. Its about green color who wore the Azzurri in the year 1954 in a match that pitted him Argentina at Olympic stadium in Rome. Local they defeated by 2-0.

further, at that time and for many years, green shirt It was used at the lower levels of the Italian selection. Somehow, it sought to show the younger ones who were in a training period and to wear blue first had to go through the green of the second Italian team.

green jersey from Italy
Green T-facing Italy Euro 2020 (The vanguard)

For this reason, the Italian Football Federation decides on 2019 retrieve this green shirt to prepare European Championship 2020. The fact that the Italians remain outside the World Russia 2018 and are looking for a regeneration of the national team (composed largely of young players under 25 years) It has caused this color sample return as this 'Renaissance’ the Italian side.

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