Goikoetxea's goal against Germany in the United States World Cup

Goikoetxea's goal against Germany in the United States World Cup
Moment in which Andoni Goikoetxea scores the goal against Germany in the World Cup in the United States (Brand)

Last update September 3, 2020 by Javier Argudo

For many of us who were born in the 80, the World US 1994 It was, possibly, the one that impacted us the most. In that championship, Spain had a good turnout although, as usual, were eliminated in the quarterfinals. But nevertheless, today we will focus on the Goikoetxea goal, in a match of the first phase.

Spain's debut was not what was expected. The group led by Javier Clemente drew two goals against South Korea. Soccer fans had to get up at dawn to be able to follow a crash that seemed on track but went wrong in the last five minutes. Julio Salinas and precisely Goikoetxea they put the 2-0 in the electronic, a very commendable result considering that Spain played with one less from the minute 26 by expulsion of Nadal.

The draw of the Koreans left something cold to the team that had to face the second game with a lot of pressure. The rival was, nothing more and nothing less, than germany, reigning champion. Really soon, in the minute 14 party, came the Goikoetxea goal that surprised all of us who were glued to the television. The Basque winger received a ball on the right wing and his center was poisoned in such a way that, after hitting the goalpost defended by Bodo Illgner, sneaked into the German network.

But Spain was destined to suffer in that World Cup and, although the team's match was remarkable, victory escaped again. Jurgen Klinsmann achieved the tie in the second half and, again, the Spanish had to settle for a draw.

From there, with all the pressure in the world, Spain began to display its best football and accumulate victories. First against Bolivia (3-1), that served for Javier Clemente's team to qualify for the second round. Then against Switzerland, with a blunt 3-0, that served to reach the damn rooms. There came the fateful confrontation against Italy, in the encounter of the error of Julio Salinas, elbow to Luis Enrique, the one with the goal of Roberto Baggio who commanded the Spanish, once again, home.

elbow of tassotti
Tassotti's famous nudge to Luis Enrique is still engraved in the memory of Spanish fans (Cope)

Although that Goikoetxea goal against the Germans it did not serve to win the title, It is true that all Spanish fans remember it fondly. The Caminero, Luis Enrique, Julen Guerrero, Fernando Hierro… they made us dream and, at the same time, they made us suffer one of the biggest disappointments, especially those of us who were still very young at that time.

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