Real Valladolid of Colombians

Real Valladolid of Colombians
Colombians of Vallaodlid season 1991-1992: Maturana, Valderrama, Higuita, Leonel and Diego Barragan (Photo:

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Those who were young football fans in the 90 hallucinate with the selection of Colombia who came to World Italy that summer. That goalkeeper who dribbled to the front and played outside the area with his feet unashamedly, that that particular player with hair that organized the game of choice coffee. It was the ultimate showcase that allowed many of them to make the leap to European football hand Real Valladolid.


The set pucelano joined to René Higuita (Porter acrobatics and turns away from your area) already 'The kid’ Valderrama (midfielder whose hair made him stand out from the rest in addition to its high quality football). further, the Castilian group already had another important Colombian national team player who had arrived the previous season, Leonel Alvarez.

And if that was not enough, everyone would be led by Pacho Maturana, which he had been Colombian coach at that World Championship held in Italy. Everything was going well, but nevertheless, He left the worst possible way.

The Real Valladolid He had a disastrous season. The first four games ended in defeat, the blanquivioleta team fell to last place in the standings and was not able to get out all season. Performance Colombian newcomers was not good and neither Higuita in goal, ni Valderrama Y Leonel in midfield surrendered in the field.

Real Valladolid FIRES MATURANA

The public suffered and after a very poor first round, three players lost ownership. Directive he held to Maturana everything he could but was finally dismissed in the day 29. But the thing and had no solution. If it is missing little, began defaults to the template and the decline was unavoidable.

At the end of the season Colombians abandoned the discipline vallisoletana. His role in the Spanish League was not good but all remember that Real Valladolid of Colombians who promised both at the beginning and ended in the worst way.

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