Players who put fashion accessories and other

Players who put fashion accessories and other
Socrates became a legend of Brazilian football (revistagq)

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In modern football we are saturated with fashions and accessories by footballers. Colored boots, extravagant hairstyles and tattoos of all kinds are the order of the day. But nevertheless, in football of yesteryear and they became fashionable accessories and other. We review some of them.


Robert Mensah
Robert Mensah was a Ghanaian goalkeeper of the year 60 who always wore a cap checkered black and white. Cap gave it his grandfather before he died and as he had powers. In an African Cup final the referee was forced to take it off before launching a penalty of a rival. The goalkeeper really bad mood heeded the referee not before rubbing his cap for the three posts. The opponent threw the ball out. (adomonline)


Chendo, one of the players with accessories
The right side of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, Miguel Porlan “Chendo”, I used to wear a brace on his right leg. It was not by any physical problem but because it lost a newborn son in a traffic accident and promised to always play with her since then to accompany him during games (Brand)

The lower middle Gordillo

Gordillo Real Betis
Rafa Gordillo was a legendary left side Real Betis, Real Madrid and the Spanish team who always played with average drops to the ankles. The footballer was not comfortable playing with shin guards and preferred risk to be kicked to wear them (malepolanco)


In the case of the legendary Cameroonian goalkeeper who triumphed Espanyol there is an official version and unofficial. The first is based on the fact that N'Kono used to play golf in bad shape so he came home with his legs bloodied and his wife advised him to play with long pants. unofficially, Also starring his wife, that the good N'Kono was very gifted and if he played with the shorts of the time risked his manly attributes that stick out below “shorts” something that amused her “kinswoman” (As)


Footballers with accessories
Brazilian footballer He became a legend of football. He became fashionable hair ribbon, one of the most iconic accessories, besides being to absorb sweat also used to claim and send political and social (revistagq)

More recently we must also remind players with accessories like Peter Cech, he had to use a protective cap after a strong blow to the head suffered in 2006 to the point of market it as a personal brand or glasses Edgar Davids who he had eye problems and was forced to play for many seasons with lenses. further, Alfonso was the first player who used white boots in the Spanish League, something that had been done long before Alan Ball in England.


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